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Friday, May 30, 2003


Does Carlisle need mercury disposal regs?

Patrick Scanlon, president of Scanlon Associates, a solid waste and recycling consulting group, came before the Board of Health (BOH) on May 22 to discuss mercury disposal. Scanlon requested the BOH pass a regulation to ban the disposal of mercury thermostats. Industry has been doing a good job of reducing mercury use, Scanlon explained. Household batteries no longer use any mercury. The use in fluorescent lights is less and dentistry does not use mercury any more. Though private owners' response to mercury disposal is also very good, Scanlon finds that 90 of the 100 contractors he interviewed cannot be bothered with properly disposing of the thermostats. They wind up in the incinerators and pose an air pollution hazard.

Board of Health Agent Linda Fantasia said that the board was not authorized to levy fines. BOH rules are usually enforced by withholding occupancy permits, but that didn't seem to apply in this instance. The BOH agreed to discuss Scanlon's proposal and hold a public hearing, if needed.

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