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Friday, May 30, 2003


New town group campaigns for pesticide reduction

Chris Chin of Hemlock Hill Road, representing a local action group, appeared at the May 22 Board of Health (BOH) meeting to discuss reducing the use of pesticides. Chin explained that her group, which is not yet official, includes a number of concerned citizens that want to work with the BOH to launch a pesticide reduction awareness campaign. The group intends to apply for a grant and will not require any BOH funding.

BOH chairman Martha Bedrosian asked Chin about the use of larvacide blocks for control of mosquitoes. Chin did not seem to know that a recent Town Meeting had refused to permit spraying or use larvacide for mosquito control. Chin expressed concern that pesticides get into wells but was unaware of the town's lukewarm response when the BOH had offered well testing for pesticides.

New BOH member Michael Holland, an experienced civil engineer, said that one is not likely to find pesticides in well water because the ground water does not go into drilled wells which are usually hundreds of feet deep and fed from a different aquifer. However, ground water can eventually find its way into an aquifer.

Chin and her group intend to have a booth at Old Home Day on the Fourth of July to hand out pamphlets, and would welcome a Board of Health endorsement. BOH member Lisa Davis Lewis pointed out that the board might come out with a position different from that of the pesticide control group, and would have to review any statements made by the group before granting approval. Chin agreed to come up with a document to present to the BOH for review at their June meeting.

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