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Friday, May 30, 2003


Concord Education Fund grants to CCHS

The following grants have been awarded to the Concord-Carlisle High School for the 2003-2004 school year by the Concord Education Fund:

· History reading group awarded $560 (project leader Ethan Hoblitzelle, social studies teacher). This grant will fund an existing after-school program for all interested students, by purchasing books chosen to enhance the knowledge gained in English and Social Studies coursework.

· Microcomputer Based Biology and Earth Science Laboratory awarded $10,966 (poject leaders Ray Pavlik and Matthew Brady, science teachers). Some experiments that are impractical to conduct in high school labs can be easily brought to life using micro-computers.This grant will fund lab stations for use in Earth Science and Biology at all levels.

· CCHS Rockwall grant award of $7,000 (project leader Lauren Giunta, math teacher and outing club director). So much attention has been focused on the physical conditioning (or lack thereof) of young people in the United States. Rock climbing is a lifetime sport that builds strength, conditioning and coordination.The rock wall that will be built in the CCHS gym will be open to all members of the Concord-Carlisle community.

· Orchestral Performance Enhance-ment Workshops grant of $1,920 (project leader Andrei Sobchenko, Colonial Youth Symphony Director). This grant will fund conservatory-trained master instructors to work with students on a section-by-section basis to enhance technical performance skills.

· Visual Arts and Architecture Slide Library grant of $2,851 (project leader Joseph Pickman, art teacher). This grant will fund the acquisition of a library of art slides for CCHS, featuring the greatest works of art, sculpture and architecture. It will enhance visual liter-acy throughout the art curriculum, allowing students to observe, understand, even emulate the techniques and technical skills of the great artists of the world.

· Life Skills Based Performing Arts Workshops grant of $5,000 (project leader Chuck Brown, drama and choral director). All the world is a stage, said Shakespeare, and anyone who has ever been nervous on a job interview or giving a presentation knows what he meant. This grant continues a successful program at CCHS that brings performing arts skills to real life situations. The skills are also directly useful for the 450 CCHS students actively involved in performing arts. Using a workshop format, it gives students hands-on, real-life opportunities to explore their artistic sides (regardless of talent or ability), while enhancing important life skills.

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