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Friday, May 30, 2003


Finance Committee juggles term length

Larry Barton, chair of the Finance Committee, appeared before the Board of Selectmen on May 20 with a dilemma. Since Tony Allison must resign from FinCom due to his election to the Board of Selectmen, and with the terms of four other members expiring this year, "We're down to two members," he lamented. Simon Platt is not planning to "re-up," but members Barton, John Nock, and David Trask are willing to continue.

However, the same situation will re-cur in three years unless the Selectmen agree to juggle some of the term lengths. After some discussion about who would be willing to accept a shorter term, the Selectmen decided to assign a three-year term to Barton, Nock, and new member Bret Bero, and a one-year term to David Trask. Trask has the option of serving one more three-year term after that, since town bylaws limit each person to three terms. Member Lisa Jensen-Fellows has one year remaining in her three-year span, and member Deb Belanger's term expires in 2005.

This still leaves an opening for one more person on the committee and Barton plans to post a notice in the newspaper.

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