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Friday, May 30, 2003

Thanks from Stevenson

To the Editor,

I wish to express my gratitude to the voters of Carlisle who have entrusted me with another term as a member of the Board of Selectmen. I will continue to serve Carlisle to the best of my ability. I am proud to be a leader in my home town · helping to shape the future of our wonderful community. Thank you, again, to those who supported me in the recent election.

Douglas A. G. Stevenson
Cross Street

Clip art from photo

To the Editor:

Your choice of clip art for the mention of Candidates Photo Credits on page 3 (May 16, Mosquito) grabbed my attention, as it is a portion of a photograph that I took in 1986. Originally, it included my daughter Karen, on the left side, holding a lacy parasol and looking through a large format camera at my son Eric, who wore his grandfather's top hat and a long coat for the occasion, and was peering back at Karen through a 35 mm slr. Location · Towle Field, late in the day, silhouetted against the sky. The reason for making this image was to provide the Concord Art Association with material for its mailing announcing an invitational photo exhibit, black and white only, using a high contrast image emphasizing black and white photography. Eric and I enjoyed participating in hanging the exhibit and in the show. A pleasant memory indeed, but a bit surprising to see the photo reappear as clip art.

David Stickler
Indian Hill

Ed. note: For a reprint of the original photo, see page 4.

Housing diversity workshop

To the Editor:

As described in last week's Mosquito article, "Focus groups to address housing diversity, economic development," the CD Plan Steering Committee will be hosting its first focus group on Housing Diversity, Thursday, June 5, at 7:30 p.m. at Town Hall. The focus group will concentrate on how to expand housing options in Carlisle while recognizing that 40B could have major implications for the town. A lively discussion of the issues involved, resulting in concrete goals an actions is the objective. Specific persons representing organized groups will be extended invitations; however, anyone interested in participating should contact George Mansfield, planning administrator at 978-369-9702 to sign up in advance. Observers are also welcome.

Caren Ponty
Community Development Steering Committee
Housing Diversity Coordinator

"Pass It Forward" thanks

To the Editor:

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Household Goods Recycling Ministry, Inc. I would like to thank Amy Fennick for the terrific job she did organizing "Pass It Forward" Day at the Carlisle Transfer station. We filled a large pick-up truck and four vans with the generous donations from Carlisle neighbors. HGRM helps families coming out of shelters. Last month, we gave out 45 beds with mattresses. We always need donations and volunteers. Our web site,, explains how to donate or become a volunteer. Please think about joining us. We have a great need for people with trucks or vans to help with picking up donations.

I've had a chance to tell Gary Davis how much we appreciated Herb Campbell's help that day. Herb is a great guy and deserves tremendous praise for being so cheery and helpful all year long. Special thanks to Carol Foster. She brings cartons to HGRM all year 'round, and worked all Saturday to take in donations with us. When I returned from church on Sunday after "Pass it Forward" day, there was a little blue note stuck on my screen door. A woman wrote that she had furniture for HGRM if I would call her. What great hearts live in this town!

Jill Henderson
Sunset Road

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