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Friday, May 23, 2003


Firemen get unusual opportunity for fire practice

Carlisle Firemen turned out in force for search and rescue and interior fire attack practice at a deliberately set training fire at 302 Lowell Street on Saturday morning. (Photo by Midge Eliassen)
It was a hot time in the old town last Saturday when 22 of Carlisle's 27 on-call firemen turned out for an all-day practice session, fighting small interior fires and doing search-and-rescue drills at a small building at 302 Lowell Street, donated by owner Mike Kenney for the training exercise. According to Carlisle Fire Chief David Flannery, Kenney granted a request to use the building for training purposes before tearing it down to make way for his proposed Laurel Hollow housing development.

Flannery described the availability of the building as "a wonderful opportunity for training firefighters." Carlisle's firemen were slotted into six groups of four men each to practice techniques for small interior fires, lit by the trainers and closely monitored by a safety team. Flannery said the last opportunity town firemen had for this kind of training was when the O'Rourke building on Maple Street was made available to them. The four-man crews pumped water from a small brook on the east side of the property, which proved adequate for their needs.

The building is still available for practice exercises and Flannery indicated the Carlisle firefighters may go back "a couple more times" and may use it again in June if Kenney doesn't tear it down beforehand. The schedule will depend on how long it takes for Kenney's proposed development to make its way through several town committees.

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