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Friday, May 23, 2003


How many keys

Did you ever think about how many keys you have? Let's skip things like The Key to My Heart, The Key to the Puzzle, Church Keys and The Key Word; there are a million of those. I want to get straight into real keys that you can touch, look at and even lose. There are a lot of those too.

The first key that comes to mind is the house key. Where is it? Who has a key, how old do you have to be to have one of your own, and when do you have to give it back? Where do you hide the outside key? Is it under a rock, in the car, with a neighbor, or do you just hope that you never forget yours or lose it? I remember when skeleton keys were popular. My grandparents' door opened to a skeleton key. It worked great, sometimes even on your friend's door too. I guess thieves knew that too so skeleton keys become playthings for the next generation. Now they are collectibles and people actually pay real money for them, especially the big brass ones. I wonder where all of ours are?

The most elusive key is the car key. You used the key to drive the car home, so you know it is in the house · somewhere. I always try to put the car key in the same place every time I come home. Nice plan, I don't have to think about the key at all, and there's the problem. On those occasions that I don't put the key in its usual place because the phone is ringing or I have bundles in my hands, or have to race to the john, I still don't think about the key at all. How much time have you spent trying to retrace your steps, just looking for the car key? How about when someone else uses your key, doesn't tell you, and puts it down in his place? I think we have all been there.

Now for stray keys. How many keys do you have with no idea where they go, what they were used for, and are afraid to throw away? Is this the key to one of our padlocks, the back shed, or our kid's old bicycle that he doesn't have any more? Lets not forget about our old skate keys, mailbox key, hotel swipe keys (I hate those), bank box keys, souvenir keys, luggage keys (I have rings of those). Now I try to put a tag on our keys. Unfortunately the tags say "Car," "Mine," "House," "B.R," Chevy, and non-specific things like that. I'm still worried about the keys falling into the wrong hands, and why give them a road map to your belongings. This way, we both can guess about it.

Now, if I could just find my car keys, I'll take this down to the paper and see it they want to print it.

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