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Friday, May 16, 2003

Town Meeting survey

To the Editor:

As a final flourish, I am conducting a Town Meeting Survey. (I would have done it this winter, but it was too cold at the dump). Please take a moment to collect a copy from the post office or library bulletin boards and answer nine questions about Town Meeting scheduling and process. This is a non-binding, anonymous survey designed to help us all consider appropriate methods of running a successful meeting. Most of all, thank you for the opportunity to be your Town Moderator - now I understand what folks mean when they say "it is an honor to serve."

Sarah S. Brophy
West Street

Others also burdened while Maple Street awaits repair

To the Editor:

I'm hoping you could find a way to inform your readers by writing something, anything, to call attention to the concerns of our neighborhoods. Brook Street, Page Brook Road, East Riding Drive, Timothy Lane, Peter Hans Road and Craigie Circle are all affected by the dangers caused by the long delay in repairing Maple Street.

We are a modest area, most still having one parent at home to care for their infants. They walk or jog twice a day, most days, with their dogs, keeping an eye on their charges in the carriages. Maple Street has only one street off of it with large homes built recently.

Maple Street was chosen years ago to be the road assigned to handle traffic from Bedford Road to Treble Cove Road in Billerica. It is so for the simple reason that it is a far safer road with better sights ahead for the drivers, and, except near Bedford Road, a much straighter road, safer for joggers, walkers, and pets.

Frederick Bentley
Brook Street

Writer asks accident witnesses to step forward

To the Editor:

I'm looking for witnesses or information from anyone who may have witnessed a hit-and-run at the Carlisle Post Office last Wednesday, on May 7, 2003 at approximately 7:54 a.m. One of the vehicles involved (mine) is a green Honda CRV. The other vehicle is suspected to be a construction vehicle or pickup truck, possibly carrying ladders or other similar material. The reason this type of vehicle is suspected is because the damage to the Honda CRV is from the roof down, meaning the vehicle that did the hit-and-run has to be taller than the CRV (an SUV.) The officer at the scene is Officer Booth of the Carlisle Police Department.

I was only in the post office for approximately 3-5 minutes that day. So, the window is very small and the hit-and-run driver must have peeled out of the parking lot once he or she hit my vehicle. I was parked in the first spot on the left-hand side as you enter the parking lot. The estimated damage is in the $2,000 price range, and that does not include the deductible I'll have to pay, unless I find information of the other vehicle.

Any information anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Tim Lee
Wildwood Drive

Volunteers thanked

To the Editor:

The Carlisle Parents Connection would like to thank Lori Jimenez and Casey Smith for organizing the new-baby-social and Lisa Chaffin for helping out at the event. It was a great event for families to meet other families with children of similar ages.

Stephanie Blunt,
Hospitality organizer for CPC
Cross Street

Thanks to Heald House help

To the Editor:

On a lovely Saturday morning, the 3rd of May, prime time to be cleaning one's own yard, 22 new and old friends met at the Carlisle Historical Society's Heald House for an inside-out cleaning. I can't thank them enough for their time, energy and positive attitude. It made a real difference. My thanks to Helen and Julia Lyons, Tracy D'Arbeloff, Parker and Taylor Brophy, Jan, Andrew and Hilary Burke, Jane Williams, Irene Dennison, Allie Keller, Larry Sorli, Jic Davis, Arthur Mills, Joanne and Charlie Forsberg, Phil Drew, Ed and Beverly Humm, Stephanie Upton, Annette Lee and the Carlisle Garden Club volunteers who had been in the week before.

Sarah Brophy
West Street

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