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Friday, May 9, 2003


Board satisfied with progress at Great Brook Estates

Albert Gould appeared before the Planning Board on April 28 to provide an update on the construction status of his Great Brook Estates off Rutland Street. Fire Chief Dave Flannery had earlier expressed some misgivings about the fire cistern installations in a letter to board administrator George Mansfield. "Both fire cisterns have been installed," emphasized Gould. "The only remaining items are cosmetic and inspectional." The cisterns must be filled, then undergo a holding test, followed by draining and refill.

There was also concern about a septic odor and sheen observed on water at the driveway culvert of Lot D. Board of Health inspector Rob Frado made a site visit and found that the odor appears to be more organic decay than sewage. Gary Shepard of David Ross Associates identified the colorful sheen on the water, which is often mistaken as an oil slick, as caused by a family of bacteria. It occurs when organic matter is decomposing and iron and/or manganese are present.

Shepard, in another report, clarified details surrounding an enforcement order issued by the Carlisle Conservation Commission regarding some wetland violations. Shepard concluded that the wetland area, located adjacent to the end of the common driveway known as Tanglewood Way, is an isolated vegetated wetland with no buffer zone. As such, it is not protected by the Conservation Commission. "It's not wet all year round," added Gould. "We'll provide hay bales, but it does not fall under the jurisdiction of the Conservation Commission. The enforcement order is inappropriate and should be rescinded."

The only other concern revolved around some judicious rearrangement of culverts along the common driveway for better drainage during periods of exceptionally high runoff. The board appeared to be generally satisfied with the status of Gould's development and voted 5-2 to allow building inspector Bob Koning to give an occupancy permit for lot D, if all other requirements are met and the cisterns are accepted.

Bedford Road lots combined

David Woodward of 767 Bedford Road appeared with an unusual request. He asked that the board endorse an Approval Not Required (ANR) plan to combine lots 2 and 3 of his property shown on Map 10. Lot 2 is an unregistered 10-acre lot, while lot 3 is a registered four-acre parcel. "It's the opposite of a subdivision," laughed Woodward. The board members scratched their heads, agreed that such a request is highly unusual, and then voted 6-0 (neighbor Michael Abend recused) to endorse the ANR.

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