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Friday, May 9, 2003


Shorts from the BOA, April 29

· Sunset Road porch. J.J. Supple of 111 Sunset Road was given a special permit to build a totally conforming open farmer's porch, and a 252-square-foot-four-season porch on his non-conforming 1.1 acre lot.

· East Street business. Daniel Hutson of 81 East Street was granted a one-year special permit to operate an artisan business of tiling and flooring from his home. No sign or outside storage of material will be allowed.

· Extension for Children's Place. Lillian DeBenedictis who operates the Children's Place at 54 Carleton Road was given a five-year extension on her special permit, operating a children's pre-school business. With no objections from neighbors heard, the board felt that the five-year permit, instead of the earlier three-year permit was in order.

· Lowell Street remodeling. Kevin and Casey Smith of 9-11 Lowell Street were granted a special permit to make internal changes in their house, removing a wall, and building a dormer to the back of their house. There would be no increase in square footage, but because this house is on a non-conforming lot, the special permit is necessary.

· Westford Street variance. Diane and Steve Trappoli of 292 Westford Street requested variance relief in order to build a 12 -by-22-foot screened porch off the back of their property. This addition would encroach on the 40-foot setback requirement by 3.5 feet. The board granted the variance with the condition that the porch not be enclosed.

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