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Friday, May 2, 2003


Voters at Concord Town Meeting this week passed the Regional School Committee's level services budget which is $350,000 higher than the highest level that will be offered at the Carlisle Town Meeting. Despite the year-long process that the Carlisle and Concord Boards of Selectmen (BOS), Finance Committees, and the Regional School Committee (RSC) pursued to ...more

The Carlisle School Committee (CSC) voted unanimously Tuesday evening, April 29 to ratify the proposed contract between the Carlisle School Committee and the Carlisle Teachers' Association, effective July 1, 2003 through June 30, 2006. At the meeting fourth-grade teacher Deb O'Halloran representing the Teachers Association read the following: ...more

Carlisle voters are being asked by the Board of Selectmen, the Finance Committee, and the Regional School Committee to support an override of $189,000 to fund the fiscal year 2004 regional high school operating budget. Through the complexities of state and local funding, this 3.5% override would actually result in reduced services at CCHS. On an issue that ...more

Thirty years ago an article to create paths in the town center went before voters. The article was defeated at Town Meeting, some say, because it was considered too expensive and the idea of paths was just too new for its time. Next week at Town Meeting a pathways Article will again be put before voters, and the reasons for the Article and the opposition from ...more

Chief David Flannery announced the appointment of J.J. Supple of Sunset Road as the new captain of the fire department effective April 1. Supple was selected from a list of five candidates from within the department and replaces Jonathan White who was promoted to Deputy Fire Chief in January. J.J began his service with the fire department in June 1995 when ...more

"There is a challenge facing the town. Taxes are high in absolute terms, and rising quickly," said Lisa Jensen-Fellows, co-chair with Frank Golis of Carlisle's Revenue Enhancement Committee (REC), when the committee spoke at the Board of Selectmen's April 22 meeting. The committee is looking for ways to slow the growth in local real estate taxes. ...more

Cable-modem and digital TV services have been offered by Comcast here in Carlisle since April 9. Almost immediately Carlisleans began reporting endless difficulties in trying to establish operational high-speed access to the Internet. Some people wondered if rollout of the new services might have been done prematurely just to satisfy a contractual timetable. ...more

· Warrant Articles. The Carlisle Board of Selectmen voted to support all Articles except 13 (which will not be moved) and Articles 15 and 16. They delayed voting on Article 15 (community preservation act) and Article 16 (tennis courts) until more information was available. ...more

On Monday April 28, the FinCom held the annual budget hearing attended by several townspeople. Questions centered on the process for budgeting the high school and the "why?" of Warrant Articles for pathways and tennis courts. In addition, participants expressed interest in understanding the tools the FinCom can use for managing the town's financial ...more

There was an undertone of discontent as members of the Planning Board gathered for their meeting on April 28 in the Town Hall. At their previous meeting on April 14, they had listened to a presentation by Michael Kenney concerning his proposed eight-unit comprehensive permit project, known as Laurel Hollow, at 302 Lowell Street. Last fall, Kenney had appeared ...more

The Laurel Hollow application for a comprehensive permit to build eight units at 302 Lowell Street cycled through a ConsCom review on April 2, under the watchful eyes of representatives from the Board of Appeals, the Board of Health, the Planning Board and several members of the public. The carrot for approval of developer Mike Kenney's housing plan ...more

· Forestry management as a conservation technique. Calling forestry management a "wise conservation tool," three representatives of the New England Forestry Foundation, Inc. a nonprofit group that has headquarters in Groton and is active throughout the New England states, discussed their activities in consultation and sustained yield ...more

Pathways committee member Art Milliken came before the Conservation Commission on April 24 to solicit its support of the footpath plan at Town Meeting. After discussion of the plan ("What we are really talking about is allowing children to walk to the library") Milliken's request for either support or acceptance of the plan ended up 4-2 in favor, ...more

Article 15 of spring Town Meeting will ask "to see what sum the Town will vote with respect to any report or recommended action of the community preservation committee (CPC), or take any other action relative thereto." ...more

A summary of warrant articles...more

Town Hall, 7:30 p.m. ...more

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