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Friday, May 2, 2003


Warrant Articles

Warrant Articles
Article Summary
Selectmen Vote
FinCom Vote
1 Town Reports
This article accepts the 2002 Town report. No other reports are scheduled. unanimous no action
2 Salaries of elected officials
Moderator $50; Town Clerk $23,638, Elected Assessors $100. unanimous unanimous
3 Operating budget
Will appropriate funds for the operation and debt service of the town in FY04. Amounts are shown in tables on pages 7-13 in the Warrant book. Article 3 offers the balanced budget, resulting in a tax increase of 1.41% compared to FY03.
unanimous unanimous
4 Stabilization account transfer Transfers $32,066 to be used to pay principal and interest on the Robbins-Hutchins Fields (formerly Wang-Coombs Land) purchased by the town. unanimous unanimous
5 Increased funding CCHS
Assuming that state aid for the high school will be reduced significantly, an override of $189,429 is proposed to provide additional funding for CCHS, subject to approval
of a Proposition 2-1/2 override at town election. (See story)

support 6-1

6 Capital equipment
Funds are requested for capital equipment and improvements totaling $74,100, the
largest item being repair of the fire station roof at $30,000. $35,000 will come from an unspent 2001 fund, the remaining $39,100 must be raised from the FY04 levy.
unanimous unanimous
7 Town audit
$20,000 is requested to cover expenses to audit the town's financial records.
unanimous unanimous
8 Veteran agent
The town is required to provide an agent who arranges for services from a variety of
federal and state resources for any veteran or family of a veteran. The cost to the town is $1,500.
unanimous unanimous
9 Department revolving funds
Town Boards receive a variety of fees which are dfeposited in special revolving revenue
funds. This article reauthorizes existing funds and creates two new funds, for conservation
garden plots and the Historical Commission.The uses and spending limits of the funds are detailed on page 15 of the Warrant book.
unanimous unanimous
10 FY03 budget transfers
This article moves unspent funds from various accounts into the FY03 reserve fund, to be used for covering remaining FY03 expenses, such as snow and ice removal and legal fees.
unanimous unanimous
11 Chapter 90
This article enables the town to spend $136,000 for the improvement of Carlisle roads in anticipation of reimbursement by the state.
unanimous unanimous
12 Senior tax voucher program
Appropriates $5,000 for a senior citizen tax voucher program, allowing persons over 60 to exchange volunteer work for tax reduction.
unanimous unanimous
13 CCHS additional parking
As new student parking will be funded by unspent funds of the district, this article will not be moved.
withdrawn withdrawn
14 Transfer free cash
Will transfer $87,016 from the town's free cash to cover appropriations for FY04.
unanimous support 6-1
15 CPA authorization
Will transfer a total of $69,360 in revenues of the community preservation fund to subaccounts for historic preservation, open space and recreation, community housing, and administration of the CPA. (See story)
deferred deferred
16 Tennis courts
Appropriates and authorizes borrowing of $75,000 for design and construction of tennis courts and parking at Banta-Davis and conversion of existing tennis courts to an outdoor basketball facility, the debt to be paid by fees for use of the courts.
deferred unanimous
17 Footpath plan
Appropriates and authorizes borrowing of $150,000 for design, construction and maintenance of footpaths, subject to approval of a proposition 2-1/2 override at town election. (See story)

support 3-1

support 4-2
18 Real estate tax exemption
Would allow an additional real estate tax exemption for qualifying seniors up to 100% of the limit of $1,000 allowed by the state.
unanimous unanimous
19 Amend senior tax exemption
Sets new limits on qualifying income for the senior real estate tax exemption in article 18.
unanimous unanimous
20 COLA real estate tax
Will add a cost of living increase to the qualifying income for the senior real estate tax exemption. Town administrator Madonna McKenzie estimates that only about eight taxpayers currently qualify for the exemption adjustment.
unanimous unanimous
21 Mutual police aid programs Will allow the town to participate in police mutual aid programs with other towns. unanimous no action
22 Officers and Employees of cities and towns
Gives police officers acting officially in another town the authority and privileges of police officers in that town, and entitles the town providing the officers to receive reimbursement for their pay and traveling expenses.
unanimous no action
23 Recreation camp fees
Will increase fees charged by board of health from $10 to $50 to license private recreational camps. No town programs will be involved.
unanimous no action
24 Planning board
Will effectively reduce members' terms from 5 to 3 years term of office.
unanimous no action
25 Wetland bylaw revision
Wording of the bylaw is amended for consistency with state and federal wetlands laws.
unanimous no action
26 Non-criminal disposition Wording change in Historical District Commission rules and regs. unanimous no action
27 Personnel bylaw Will codify the town's current personnel administration practices as a bylaw. unanimous no action
28 Building permits in the Historic District
Will prohibit the building commissioner from issuing a building permit for work that would affect "exterior architectural features" of structures in the historic district without a certificate of appropriateness, of non-applicability, or hardship from the historical commission.
unanimous no action
29 Planning Board associate member
Allows selectmen and planning board together to appoint up to two associate members for a three year term, to act on special permit applications in the case of absence, inability to act, or conflict of interest of any planning board member.
unanimous no action

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