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Friday, May 2, 2003


ConsCom continues Laurel Hollow hearing

The Laurel Hollow application for a comprehensive permit to build eight units at 302 Lowell Street cycled through a ConsCom review on April 2, under the watchful eyes of representatives from the Board of Appeals, the Board of Health, the Planning Board and several members of the public. The carrot for approval of developer Mike Kenney's housing plan is the inclusion of two affordable units which takes advantage of the town's small number of affordable housing units in order to qualify for a comprehensive building permit that allows Kenney to bypass local zoning by laws. In ConsCom's case, this means that local wetland bylaws are not applicable and the only ground for consideration will be the project's compliance with state and federal wetland regulations.

The Laurel Hollow application for a comprehensive permit has already involved considerable activity and time. It went to the Board of Appeals (April 17), which continued the application until a peer review committee files a report (Mosquito, April 25, page 1) . It went to the Planning Board on April 14, which recommended a peer review and continued its hearing until April 28 (Mosquito, April 2, page 1). ConsCom's area of jurisdiction, under state wetlands regulations, applies to a small wetland area in front of the property and a portion of the collection basin in the buffer zone. ConsCom had several questions for Kenney and his Stamski and McNary representative, including the accuracy of soil information data, erosion and sedimentation controls during construction, the stabilization of the roadway during construction, the general construction sequence, the adequacy of the proposed 30-inch culvert under Lowell Street, planting plans, and snow removal. These questions and comments will be contained in a memo to the peer review committee.

Several residents rose to speak during the public comment part of the hearing with questions relating to chemicals used on site, snow removal and the addition of regular spring runoff to an already overtaxed wetland.

Hal Sauer, representing the Board of Appeals; asked for ConsCom comments on the three firms suggested for conducting the peer review. This firm will be chosen in the near future and ConsCom plans to prepare a memo about the issues they want the review team to address. The hearing on Kenney's application was continued until May 22 at 8 p.m., by which time the review team will have been active and their report received.

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