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Friday, May 2, 2003


High-speed Internet installation is no cakewalk: Patience and persistence needed in set-up process

Cable-modem and digital TV services have been offered by Comcast here in Carlisle since April 9. Almost immediately Carlisleans began reporting endless difficulties in trying to establish operational high-speed access to the Internet. Some people wondered if rollout of the new services might have been done prematurely just to satisfy a contractual timetable. This week there is reason for optimism, however: nearly two dozen Carlisle households are reporting successful Internet access at megabit speeds. Frustrated last week but now thrilled with their lightning-fast data rates, these established subscribers emphasize the importance of patience, participation and persistence throughout the setup process.

Five tips for success

If you number yourself among prospective broadband subscribers, you'll reap the benefits of your neighbors' experiences with the following five-point approach to your project.

1. Decide whether you want TV service, high-speed Internet service, or both. Sketch out a floor plan showing locations of TV set(s) and computer(s), as applicable. Label each TV for the level of service desired (analog, digital, or HDTV) and the interface type (S-video or whichever).

2. If your order will include Internet service, decide whether you'll lease a cable modem from Comcast or buy one yourself. If you want the cable modem to serve more than one computer in the house, plan to provide and install your own Ethernet router (wired or wireless).

3. When you're ready to order, call Comcast sales at 1-888-633-4266; after a little navigation you'll be speaking to a knowledgeable agent. Order what you need and ask for any promotional discounts. If your order includes Internet service, ask for a Premium Install, wherein the technician stays with you until your service is fully operational (priceless!). If you're currently an Earthlink dial-up subscriber, call Earthlink at 1-866-570-8333 and ask them to transfer your e-mail address to the new Comcast account; if not, call your current ISP and inquire about transfers to Comcast.

4. On installation day, expect the Comcast technician to deliver and install all necessary splitters, two-way cable amplifiers, and TV set-top boxes to accomplish your broadband objectives. Oversee the work being done and be available to answer questions. If you ordered TV service, ask to have it demonstrated when the cable installation is finished. If you ordered the Premium Install for high-speed Internet service, work with the technician to accomplish successful registration from your computer.

5. If you did not order the Premium Install, allocate plenty of time and patience to connect the Ethernet side of the modem and to conduct the registration on your own. Bear in mind that residents are having most of their difficulties in the registration process. If you're working alone, plan to use Comcast's help line for high-speed Internet issues at 1-866-447-7333. Let these technical wizards talk you through a workable procedure; their help really made the difference to many Carlisleans who got frustrated at first but are accessing the Internet happily today.

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