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Friday, May 2, 2003


Benjamin David France

Laura and Robert France of Tophet Road joyfully announce the arrival of their son Benjamin David, born March 5 at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital. He joins his big brother Bobby at home. The proud grandparents are Charles and Lorraine Kane of Merrimack, New Hampshire, and Robert and Elizabeth France of Brick, New Jersey.

Norman F. "Chic" Daigle (right) receives a prestigious honorary award from Lexington Minuteman Captain Commanding Wayne T. McCarthy.

Carlisle resident honored by Lexington Minutemen

Lexington Minutemen's Past Captain Commanding Norman F. "Chic" Daigle, of Westford Street, received the prestigious Honorary Sustaining Life Member award at Buckman Tavern in Lexington on April 17 from Captain Commanding Wayne T. McCarthy. This is the highest award presented by the Lexington Minutemen. Past Captain Daigle has been a member since December 16, 1965. He has served in many capacities including Captain Commanding during the Bicentennial years from 1975 to 1977. During those years the Minutemen served as President Ford's Honor Guard when he visited Lexington on Patriots Day in April, and again when he returned in November of that year. He was also on the committee that was responsible for activating the reenactment in 1971, and has played the role of Thadeus Bowman, the last scout that Captain Parker sent out from Buckman Tavern on April 19 to see if the "Redcoats" were coming. He has played this role since that time and has supplied all the horses used in the reenactment during that period.

In 1999 he accompanied the Lexington Minutemen to Antony, France, which is Lexington's sister city. The purpose of the visit was to accept an honor from Antony in appreciation of what its sister city had done for the town over the years. A street was named Place Lexington and a plaque honoring the Lexington Minutemen was placed at the base of an obelisk at the intersection of that street. Daigle feels that the greatest honor of his career with the Lexington Minutemen was on that trip, where he paid homage in Paris to the Marquis de Lafayette, who has been his hero since childhood. He says this is something he will never forget, and believes if it weren't for the Marquis providing both financial help and military expertise to the War for Independence, we would not be here today. He was deeply honored by this award and hopes he can continue to contribute to the Lexington Minute Men for many years to come.

As a point of interest, Captain Daigle would like to add a little-known fact. The Lexington Minutemen is the only militia that has been in continuous existence since 1773; all the other local groups having disbanded over the years and reformed during the Centennial and Bicentennial.

· Adam Fitzgerald of Autumn Lane qualified for the 2003 NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championship this past Saturday afternoon with his performance at the NESCAC companionship meet at Williams College. Fitzgerald led the Camel men with a first place championship finish in the 10,000 meter distance with a time of 31:07:66, breaking the previous Connecticut College record which he had set in 2002, by 51 seconds.

· Laura Buzawa of Elizabeth Ridge Road, a senior at Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School, was named to the high honor roll for the second trimester.

· Marta Ulrich of Davis Road was named to the dean's list for the winter quarter at Northeastern University.


The Malcolm Meadows senior development off Stearns Street contains market rate housing. It does not contain "affordable" housing, as stated in last week's newspaper.

Unlicensed dogs are not tested for rabies before they are licensed, as appeared in last week's paper. The only conclusive test for rabies would actually involve killing the animal.

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