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Friday, April 25, 2003


Robert Frost wrote that "Good fences make good neighbors." But just as Frost's poem "Mending Fences" is actually about the negative aspects of boundaries and seclusion, there are those in Carlisle who struggle with boundaries created by large lots and roads that are not conducive to neighborhood strolls. One such resident (in response to ...more

It was a harsh winter, with deep snow, biting winds, and brilliant sunshine. So far it has been a confusing spring, with drenching rains, seesaw temperatures, and surprise snowfalls. We humans have made it through so far, but how are our lawns, trees, and gardens faring, and what can we expect for the rest of the spring and the summer? "The effect [of ...more

There is no doubt that Carlisle families love dogs. In a town of 5025 biped inhabitants, there were 672 dogs registered and licensed in 2002. Figures for 2003 are not yet complete, but so far this year, 573 dogs have received licenses as a result of their owners sending in the forms they received with the town census. However, with 275 census forms still out, ...more

Today, the last Friday in April, is Arbor Day in many states, including Massachusetts. This date was chosen because it a good time of year for tree planting (for most species in most states). The first Arbor Day was celebrated in Nebraska in 1872, in response to a state proclamation urging settlers and homesteaders to plant trees that would provide shade, ...more

"A single flow'r he sent to me
since we met."

So begins A Perfect Rose, a lament over not receiving "the perfect limousine" - the third piece in Kate Stevens' collection of three Dorothy Parker poems she set to music. Kate is the daughter of Priscilla and Jonathan Stevens of Maple Street. Priscilla, a member of the Concord Madrigals (a women's choral group), is thrilled that Kate's pieces, ...more

Carlisle Minutemen completed their annual re-creation of the events of April 19, 1775, with the Estabrook Trail walk on Monday, April 21. The Minutemen were joined by over 125 Carlisle citizens who received commemorative trail walk medals for their efforts. At the trail end all walkers were invited to put their names in a hat for a chance to receive a framed ...more

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