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Friday, April 18, 2003


School bus contract has modest increase

The Carlisle School Committee heard on April 8 that Business Manager Steve Moore successfully negotiated a new three-year school bus contract with Bedford Charter Service, with a fixed 1.56% increase for the next three years.

Bedford Charter, the company now providing service, was again the sole bidder for the Carlisle contract when it was due. Bedford has been the only bidder in Carlisle for the past several years, but five companies attended a bidder conference last month. Because Carlisle is a smaller town the profit is not as large as in other towns.

"We're glad to keep Bedford Charter. The bus company has a good relationship with the community and Bedford wants to keep us. We're very pleased with the results of the bid," Moore says. The new contract will rise only 1.5%, or about $5,000 above the current $360,000 annual fee. Also, the bus company will keep this rate for the entire duration of the three-year contract, a term that is very favorable to the school.

With eight bus routes running, he says six are set up efficiently, with two routes that could use some improvement. Parent volunteers met recently with the school administration to look into ways to ensure that all bus routes are designed optimally, in part to reduce the time students spend on the bus, a parent initiative that is welcomed by the school.

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