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Friday, April 18, 2003


Shorts from the CSC, April 8

Award presentation. Massachusetts Senator Susan Fargo presented fourth grader Morgan Evans with a certificate of achievement to commend her for her New Year's card design, which was chosen in a contest sponsored by Senator Fargo. Attending were Morgan and her parents Susan and Scott Evans, her brother, Marshall, her teacher Deb O'Halloran, and art teacher Courtney Graham-Hadley.

School donations. The School Committee was pleased to accept a donation of $726 from students Emily Fritz-Endres, Emily Howe, Catherine O'Kelly, Lauren Lamere, Emily Yu, Megan Herman, and Priyanka Singhal, who formed the "Save the Yearbook Committee" after the funds for the yearbook were cut from the FY02-03 budget. The group raised the money through a donation drive, but stopped when the Carlisle School Association donated the needed funds to support the yearbook activities. Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson thanked the committee members and pledged to use the donations in support of the yearbook. She also thanked music teacher Tom O'Halloran for the donation of a Mac Power G-3, Michael Quayle for donating software, manuals, guides, Powerbook, and two scanners, and Karen Huntress for the gift of a LaserJet HP printer.

Eighth-grade trip. Carlisle teacher Skip Avery reported the eighth-grade trip to New York City has been changed to a trip to Western Massachusetts. Avery, along with other eighth grade teachers, held an informational meeting with parents to discuss the NYC trip and possible alternatives. The parents' overwhelming reaction, according to Avery, was concern about travel to a large city during times of heightening security. Following through with parent suggestions, the team has constructed an alternative trip to the Berkshires. Included will be a tour of Tanglewood, the Norman Rockwell Museum, a hike at the Canoe Meadows forest reserve, and a dinner theatre experience in Springfield. After an overnight at the Springfield Marriott, the students would visit the Basketball Hall of Fame, finishing their trip with a three-hour visit to the Six Flags Amusement Park. Return to the school would be around dinnertime.

"I have to commend Skip," said Carlisle Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson. "This took an enormous amount of time" to plan. Committee member Paul Morrison voiced hope that eventually the students "could travel to cities even though there might still be tension in the world." Noting previous trips in which shenanigans were fondly remembered (including some incident involving boxer shorts, he said), he hoped that the "evening security services" which would commence during the overnight would not be too heavy-handed. Committee member Nicole Burkel expressed her dissatisfaction with the concept of a trip taken, in her opinion, merely to have eighth graders spend an evening away from their families. "I'd like to see the trips more driven by the educational curriculum," committee member David Dockterman suggested. Fox-Melanson reminded the committee the goal was to allow the whole eighth grade class to travel together as one of the last events before moving on to high school. The committee voted to accept the revised trip plans.

Allergies policy. Carlisle School nurses Kathy Horan and Lori Desjardin presented updates to the Carlisle School Health Manual. A new Allergy Policy describes methods to identify students with allergies (i.e. food, bee stings, latex), how to recognize symptoms of an allergic reaction, and the procedure for treating an allergic reaction. There are presently 38 students who have prescriptions for EpiPens (an auto-injector that administers epinephrine), according to Horan. Half those students have allergies to nuts or other foods, and half are allergic to bee stings. Asked about how allergies will be dealt with on the eighth-grade trip, Horan said she intends to travel with the eighth graders.

Library update. Carlisle Librarian Sandy Kelly gave a brief update on the status of the library. The response for library volunteers has exceeded expectations, she said. "On volunteer training day I had to dim the lights to get the attention of the volunteers," because so many parents had come to offer their help. She announced the annual CSA Book Fair will be held on Tuesday, May 6, through Thursday, May 8. "Farmer Miner and his potbelly pig, Daisy, will be visiting," she said, noting that a principal at another school had somehow ended up kissing the pig as a publicity stunt, bringing a laugh from Carlisle Principal Andy Goyer.

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