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Friday, April 18, 2003


State Representative Corey Atkins (seated at the center) discusses the realities of state finances and the impact on local budgets at the Conservation Commission breakfast on April 8. (Photo by Ellen Huber)

Shorts from the Conservation Commission, April 10

With money drying up and housing starts slowing down, the Conservation Commission is currently spending less time on regulatory matters arising from its wetlands protection function, and is able to devote more time to its responsibilities as the landlord of Carlisle's conservation lands.

Autumn Lane. At its meeting on April 10, the commission heard a request for determination from Wayne and Ann Kellner of Autumn Lane who needed approval for a temporary access path through the buffer zone of a bordering vegetated wetland to get to the site of a septic tank. ConsCom said no Notice of Intent would be required and, after brief discussion of where hay bales would go and what kind of surfacing would be used on the path (processed gravel), the matter was concluded.

Pine Brook Road. A Notice of Intent was filed by Kathleen Bauer Burke of Pine Brook Road, who plans an addition to an existing single family house, an addition to a driveway and resurfacing of an exisiting driveway within the buffer zone of a bordering vegetated wetland. Two changes had been made in the submitted plan the addition of a drainage pipe and creation of an infiltration drain. Both the plan and changes were approved.

Cranberry Bog. The repair of the Chelmsford dam at the Cranberry Bog is getting underway slowly. Mark Duffy, who farms the Cranberry Bog and is making the repairs, says his application to the drought assistance program for funds for the project is on hold since as of the previous week,"no quick money is being released by the Feds." Duffy went on to present a recovery system to conserve water which needs to be drained from the Cranberry Bog and which would otherwise be lost. He plans a plastic pipe to run the excess water into the cornfield; the system would pick up all water coming off the bog. The plan includes a traveler sprinkler; he will be using a pump that can handle 500 gallons per minute, and assured the commission it will be quieter than the last pump. The ConsCom agreed to the plan and joined Duffy in a discussion of the beaver problem around the Cranberry Bog. There are beavers at the bog and Duffy states that people "would be surprised at what beavers can do." Beavers perforated the pipes in Chelmsford. He told the ConsCom that if beavers can't hear water flowing they won't plug a pipe.

Foss Farm. A car drove into the gate at Foss Farm and it will need to be replaced. The commission discussed the problem and will decide what to do after Jack O'Connor looks at the present structure. The question of who would pay for a new gate was discussed, but not resolved. A permit to use Foss Farm for a walk to see woodcocks nesting there was granted to Tom and D'Ann Brownrigg. Permits are required when a group of seven or more visit the property.

Greenough Land. A temporary subcommittee charged with investigating and making recommendations for the use of the barn and house on the Greenough property has now been appointed and is expected to provide recommendations and options for ConsCom review in the near future. The committee meetings will be posted.

Hart Farm. A two-year extension permit was granted unanimously to Michael J. Kenny on a permit granted in May, 2000 for work on a common drive in the Hart Farm subdivision.

Rutland Street. A request for an extension of a permit issued in May 2000 was submitted by Albert Gould and Betsy Goldenberg of Rutland Street. They want to extend a subdivision roadway from a common drive. It was decided to continue the request until ConsCom had an opportunity to look at the situation, saying that "from a regulatory standpoint, it is not one big project," that is, not a subdivision but an individual drive.

Brook Street. An emergency certificate was approved to permit the taking down of three dead trees on Brook Street that threatened a house.

ConsCom abutter notification. ConsCom has not always received abutter notification when hearings were held on property adjoining conservation land, for example, for the hearing on a cell tower on land abutting Foss Field, on the Laurel Hollow development, and it was decided to write the selectmen to see if a system could be developed so ConsCom would receive notice of such hearings.

ConsCom breakfast correction. The schedule for conservation breakfasts was incorrectly reported in the last ConsCom report: the correct day is the second Tuesday of the month.

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