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Friday, April 18, 2003


How do CCHS salaries compare?

Teachers' salaries at CCHS have provoked considerable discussion. In a June 21, 2002 Mosquito article reporter Nancy Pierce compared salaries at suburban districts. She concluded:

Comparing average pay, as calculated by the Department of Education, can be misleading.

CCHS pays its most experienced teachers several thousand more.

For teachers with less experience and education pay ranks in the middle of comparable districts.

many districts have limits on teaching loads similar (but not identical) to CCHS.

Teachers at CCHS pay a higher proportion (50%) of health insurance premiums than at other suburban districts.

The full article may be found at Click on "Archives" at the bottom of the left column. Then on the archives page scroll to 2002 and click on the June 21 issue.

The CCHS teachers contract for the next academic year (FY04) is currently being negotiated by the teachers' union and the Regional School Committee.

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