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Friday, April 18, 2003


It's turtle time again

Sometime in the next few weeks you are apt to see a turtle crossing the road. It's nearly the time of year when female turtles leave their wetland habitat and head for a sandy spot to lay their eggs, so the turtle you come across knows what it is doing and has a good reason for doing it.

The turtle leaves the water, lays a clutch of eggs, and returns to the wetland. The eggs hatch in September. The snapping turtle is seen most frequently and is easily recognized by the saw toothed rear edge of its shell; these are called snappers for a good reason, so be careful. If you come across a turtle on a busy street, you can help it across the road by pushing it gently or lifting it on a shovel or alert other cars until it has crossed. And remember to move it in the direction that it is going.

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