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Friday, April 18, 2003


Members of the CCHS Student Advisory Council, Louisa Slocum, Bruce Lerner and Schyler Viering, prepare to address the Regional School Committee. (Photo by Cynthia Sorn)

CCHS students sort out what's good, what's not

The Regional School Committee opened their April 9 meeting by welcoming members from the Student Advisory Council. Council member Schuyler Viering requested more information on the planned budget cuts, explaining that some students thought the threat of budget cuts for the sports program was "crying wolf." She asked the Regional School Committee which sports would be cut under the current budget plans. Regional committee chair Betsy Bilodeau explained the proposed cuts list was created in accordance with the requirement to create a budget within the "levy limit." Due to a grant from the state, some athletics were taken off the list. If the budget went to the levy limit, she explained, junior varsity and freshman sports would be cut. "Not what we want to do," Bilodeau said. "Every year we get told that, and every year we get the sports anyway," Student Advisory Council member Louisa Slocum said. Bilodeau encouraged the students to spread the word that the budget cuts would directly affect them.

Youth at risk survey

Committee member Lauren Walters asked the students what the response was to the "Youth Risk Behavior Survey," administered in the high school homerooms on March 19. "We don't think it was a good survey," responded Student Advisory Council member Bruce Lerner. The students had a theory, he explained, that the police, concerned about budget cuts, were trying to "make the kids look bad" to build their budget. "I think the survey was accurate," Lerner continued, but he felt the police were monitoring the same kids, and staking out parties. "No one needs to be arrested," he added.

Positive experiences

"I'd like to hear beneficial things at school that we can build on, and what programs you are getting a lot out of," requested Committee member Michael Fitzgerald. Slocum said the music program was very positive. "Doing the Requiem in Boston, it was different, rare and enjoyable." Committee member Rebecca Shannon agreed, "It was a wonderful evening." "You're right, there are a lot of good things at our school," Lerner added. He listed the radio station and the sports program as areas the students enjoyed.

Assistant Superintendent Nadine Binkley encouraged students and parents to make use of the school website,

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