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Friday, April 11, 2003


CCHS students thrill audience with Mozart's Requiem

The 160 voices of the CCHS Chorus and the 40-piece CCHS Colonial Youth Orchestra filled the Cathedral Church of St. Paul's in Boston with the music of Mozart's Requiem on April 3. The audience of nearly 600 was enthralled by the impressive performance of the beautiful and challenging music. The cathedral was used as the venue for the performance because it provided the acoustics and reverberation to create a fully blended choral sound.

The CCHS Chorus and Orchestra fill the hall with the glorious sounds of Mozart's Requiem. (Photo by Tim Morse)

The Requiem, composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and completed by Franz Süssmayer over 200 years ago, is alternately mournful and joyful and requires tremendous range of the performing musicians. This diversity of style and the complex layers of the music make it challenging for much more experienced musicians. The CCHS students rose to the occasion and performed admirably. The talent of the students was evident from the start as they mesmerized the crowd with their emotional delivery of the "Kyrie." The chorus was joined by four talented guest soloists; Jeramie Hammond, bass; Jason McAdams, tenor; Gayle Livingston, alto and Catherine Pringle, soprano, a former Carlisle School music teacher.

Andrei Sobchenko, director of the Colonial Youth Orchestra, prepared the students for this performance through his relentless energy and enthusiastic guidance. Sobchenko also recruited several Concord Middle School and Concord Academy students and a few adults to join the orchestra, as well as brass and wind players from the CCHS band, to insure that the sound was full and rich.

Chuck Brown, Choral and Drama Director at CCHS, conducted the performance and melded the voices of the high school students and the orchestra into a professional performance. Brown explained, "These students are capable of so much. We continue to challenge them with more difficult music and more work and each and every time they rise to the occasion. What these students will have accomplished by the time they graduate from CCHS rivals college work. The lessons of hard work, determination and teamwork get reinforced over and over as the kids continue to grow and excel. I am so proud of them."

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