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Friday, April 11, 2003


Karen Morse receives Music Advocacy Award

Karen Morse of Rutland Street was honored at the Carlisle Senior Band Concert on Wednesday, April 2 as the recipient of the prestigious Mass-achusetts Music Educators Association (MMEA) Advocate Award. Carlisle School Music Director Tom O'Halloran presented the award with the following words:

Karen Morse and Tom O'Halloran (Photo by Tim Morse)

"Karen Morse has been a music education advocate in the Carlisle and Concord-Carlisle School systems for more than fifteen years. Even before her own children entered the fourth grade and began their instrumental and chorus experiences, Ms. Morse had always been an enthusiastic supporter of the school music programs. To this day, she continues to volunteer as a chaperone, as an organizer of fund-raisers, as a planner for the various trips, as the official music department photographer, and as a parent helper at every single concert.

"In her many roles as parent, kindergarten teacher, and supportive community member, Ms. Morse has consistently advocated for a strong music program. Her love of music and her love of children has shown through like a beacon of light for students and staff alike. She believes that all students' educational experience is enriched by music and has committed to advocate for the best music education for every student in the Carlisle and Concord-Carlisle Schools. She has been an articulate voice who, through her own efforts and organizational skills, has sought to insure that there is adequate opportunity and funding to enable all students to participate in a viable and vibrant music program."

Morse is the founding president of the Concord Carlisle Patrons of Performing Students, known as CCPOPS.

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