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Friday, April 4, 2003


Shorts from town boards


FinCom, March 19

Maureen Tarca of the recreation committee reviewed an upcoming Warrant article seeking $95,000 in funding for four tennis courts. Because the RecCom would repay the town for this funding through program and user fees, it will not cost the town anything and will have no impact on property taxes. In essence, the recreation committee is just using the town's borrowing capacity (since RecCom has no independent borrowing facility) to secure access to the initial capital in order to build the courts.

Board of health, March 13

Engineer Anthony Del Gaizo of Ragg's Septic Inc. appeared before the board of health on March 13 to discuss the repair of a failed septic system at 511 Brook Street. The existing dwelling has its current septic system located in front of the house. Del Gaizo proposed replacing the system with a larger one in the same place which complies with current standards except that it is not sized 150% for a garbage grinder. The new system would require removal of some large pine trees and part of a circular driveway to accommodate a retaining wall.

The board questioned Del Gaizo about an alternative placement. The drawing he presented did not clearly show lot lines and distances to wells. Del Gaizo explained that the proposed system was 100 feet from the owner's well and not within 200 feet of any abutter's well. Placement of a system in another place was not possible without a considerably higher expense and the risk of poor drainage. Board of health consulting engineer Rob Frado agreed that they picked the right spot for the system.

The board voted to approve the system contingent upon Del Gaizo's registering the deed restriction for no garbage disposal.

Historical commission

On March 25, Francene Amari-Faulkner appeared before the commission to discuss her plans for converting her barn at 43 Bedford Road to a five-office building. Her proposed designs for windows, doors and landscaping were discussed and several abutters who attended the meeting reacted to the plans. Amari-Faulkner was asked to present a revised site plan at the historical commission's next meeting, April 29.

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