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Friday, April 4, 2003

Nathan Detroit (Sean Dwyer) and his long-suffering fiancée Adelaide (Lisa Yanofsky) are ready to sing and dance. (Photo by Nancy Roberts)
After seeing Guys & Dolls Jr., presented last weekend at the Carlisle School by the seventh-grade class, one comes away with the following conviction: that although Carlisle is small, the talent pool evident in our children is huge. ...more

On April 2 (not an April Fool's joke), Darice Wareham, chair of the Carlisle Cable Communications Advisory Committee received the following message from Robert Travers, Comcast's manager of government relations: ...more

Last week the Carlisle Conservation Commission (ConsCom) heard from Calvin Layton, senior arborist for NStar, and the man responsible for all the ribbons tied around Carlisle's roadside trees. Layton was accompanied by Nicole Sullivan, his assistant and the person who does most of the door-knocking and ribbon-tying. ...more

After the $150,000 footpath construction proposal received a tepid reception from the Carlisle Finance Committee (FinCom), the pedestrian and bike safety advisory committee ("footpath committee") turned to the selectmen on March 25 for guidance on how to win FinCom support. ...more

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