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Friday, March 28, 2003


How often have I driven this shortcut on my way to church, and successfully maneuvered the bump between Westford and Lowell Streets? I smiled to myself as I ponder the answer · many, many years. ...more

Name: Phaeocalicium polyporeum, an example of a pin lichen or stubble lichen. Phaeo means black or dark, and calicium is a lichen genus. ...more

The Cambridge Society for Early Music (CSEM) presented its final concert of the season last Thursday evening in St. Irene Church, featuring the full and pure voices, without vibrato, of the Capella Alamire. While CSEM concerts are usually held in the intimate surroundings of Union Hall, for this concert the acoustics and setting of St. Irene's were ...more

If the "Imagineers" at Disney World ever wanted to design the picture-perfect 12-year-old, they might well choose Elena Shieh as their model. The Carlisle sixth grader embodies all the potential of pre-adolescence: she's articulate, enthusiastic, creative and well-mannered. What's more, she seems to have the energy of ten average kids · energy ...more

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