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Friday, March 28, 2003


Kids just want to skate

Carlisle students (left to right) Joey Davin, Justin Morgan, Kerrie Bourque and Connor Deignan present a proposal for a small skateboard park at planning day.

A group of fifth- and sixth-graders made a presentation to the participants at the planning forum, asking residents to support their proposal for the building of a small skateboarding park in town. Fifth-graders Kerrie Bourque, Connor Deignan, and Justin Morgan and sixth-grader Joey Davin read a statement describing the need for a safe, supervised area for kids to skateboard, noting that there are no suitable facilities in town. The kids proposed that their project could be built with private donations and expressed their commitment to fundraising and publicity, asking simply that residents be supportive of the idea. Mark Spears, a member of the recreation commission, invited the group to present their request at the next RecCom meeting.

After making their presentation, the youngsters participated in the rest of the meeting, joining the small focus groups and offering a kids-eye perspective on the town's development.

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