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Friday, March 21, 2003


Town caucus is Monday

Candidates for town offices will be selected at the annual town caucus on Monday, March 24 at 7:00 p.m. in the Clark Room at Town Hall. This year, twelve positions will need to be filled, including two terms expiring on the board of selectmen, three on the planning board and one on the Carlisle School Committee. Any U.S. citizen who is a registered voter in Carlisle may be nominated as a candidate or may place a name in nomination. A quorum of 25 Carlisle voters is required for the caucus. Town elections will be held on Tuesday, May 13.

Two persons can be named for each vacancy. Any registered voter in Carlisle may be nominated at the caucus, whether present or not. If more than two names are placed in nomination for any position, a vote will be taken at the caucus and only the top two vote getters will be placed on the ballot.

Citizens can also run for office by filling out a "Town Nomination Paper," available at the town clerk's office at Town Hall, and obtaining 20 signatures. Only signatures of voters registered in the Town of Carlisle will be counted. Nomination papers must be filed with the town clerk by 5:00 p.m. on March 31.

Open positions

Offices up for election this year are are shown in the table. Planning board member Michael Epstein resigned earlier this year and David Freedman was appointed by the selectmen to fill the position until the town election. The remaining three years of Epstein's term will be filled at the town election in May. The term of office on the planning board is normally five years. However, The planning board has discussed submitting a Warrant article to shorten the term to three years.

Open Positions

Town office Incumbent Term
Town moderator Sarah Brophy 1 No
Town clerk Sarah Andreassen 3 ?
Selectman Doug Stevenson 3 Yes
Carol Peters 3 No
Tom Dunkers 3 No (resigned)
Board of health Steve Opolski 3 ?
Housing authority Jack Bromley 5 ?
Library trustee
Brooke Cragan 3 yes
Planning board David Freedman 3 yes
Planning board
Kate Reid
5 no
Planning board Dan Holzman 5 no
School committee
David Dockterman
3 yes

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