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Friday, March 21, 2003

Postal workers reunion

The postal workers get-together on March 9 included (left to right): former postmaster Tom Canada, Judy Dion, Bill McClure, Mary Macpherson, Joan Pierce, Rick Moscatel, Wendy Wallerstein, Bev York, Donna Cantrill and Barbara McClure.
Do you remember when the Carlisle Post Office was located in the basement of the old Congregational Church, at the corner of Church and School Streets? That was back in the years from 1971 to 1989, when Tom Canada was the postmaster during the later part of that period.

Many of the postal workers from those years have kept in touch and on Sunday, March 9, they met at the Stonehedge Inn in Tyngsboro for a Sunday Jazz Brunch. Besides the pleasure of seeing one another again, a highlight of the get-together was watching a video that Rick Moscatel had taken at a Christmas party that was held at Mary Macpherson's home in 1988.

The 1989 photo of the postal workers was taken at the Carlisle Post Office located in the basement of the old Congregational Church. Left to right are Judy Dion, postmaster Tom Canada, Wendy Wallerstein, Joan Pierce, Donna Cantrill, Mary Macpherson, Gale Constable, Bill McClure and Kevin LeBoeuf.

Moose tracking

Carlisle's frozen back country is a great place to explore in early spring. You never know what
Moose footprint
Dunkin Donut holes?
you will find. We set up a course to explore the area behind Nathan Lane and the Cranberry Bog using my son Dan's "Expert GPS" software, and armed with satellite navigation and no fear of getting lost.

Ambling through the woods we soon picked up the track of our local deer herd. Looking across the swamp we could see them peacefully munching. We also encountered tracks that were larger than usual · like a child with funny boots and a four-foot gait. With much discussion and disbelief, we determined them to be moose tracks. Soon we found the first of 12 piles of droppings and were overjoyed to know we were correct. Hint: for deer droppings, think jellybeans; for moose droppings, think lots of Dunkin' Donut Holes! Further tracking led us to his bed · a beautifully smooth melted hole in the snow. Nearby trees had bark disturbed from antler rubbing.

The swamp was perfect for tracking, smooth frozen, with no fear of falling in. A look back at the clear blue sky showed "ice sickles" on a few special trees. The tips of the branches had been eaten and the sap had run out and had frozen. No way am I eating moose drool, was my first response. The moose had tapped all the sugar maples and finally I very cautiously tasted the sweet maple "sickles." Quite a treat!

We continued tracking, encountering nature as never before · owl pellets, many beaver lodges, trees with bark scraped off by antlers, hunter's platform, chipmunk cemeteries, deer everywhere, spring birds arriving. The elusive moose was never to be seen, but we felt his presence and knew him well.

The thought of sleeping in the swamp did not appeal to me, so we set our GPS toward home, having marked on our way points of the great moose adventure. At home we relived our adventure on "Expert GPS" and our digital cameras, having discovered our neighborhood was home to a moose. Visit to add "Expert GPS" to your bag of tricks.

· Jennifer A. Morin of Maple Street recently completed Leadership Challenge Weekend at Norwich University in Northfield, Vermont. The program is designed to expose college-bound students to a military experience with the development of individual leadership skills, self confidence and teamwork. Morin is a junior at CCHS.

· Lori Ahearn of Curve Street won an autographed Celtics basketball as her sports fantasy prize in the 2003 Dunkin' Donuts "Sports Dreams" promotion.

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