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Friday, March 21, 2003


Guys and Dolls, Jr. set is awesome

Many people helped build the set for Guys and Dolls Jr., the seventh-grade class play which will open Thursday, March 27, and run through the weekend (see ad page 3). Their hard work paid off, because the set looks marvelous. Mrs. Jill d'Arbeloff headed the set committee and has built sets before, but never with wood. She found this set not too hard, but it helped to have an experienced builder, Mr. Ursch, to work with. She first did a sketch, then showed it to the directors. Mr. Middleton, a professional painter, drew the scenery, and Mr. Ursch designed a building plan. The students did most of the painting and building but were not allowed to use the saws. Mr. Middleton supervised the painting. Although some of the set pieces are from CCHS, most were made by the Carlisle students.

The New York City skyline rises above the stage for Guys and Dolls, Jr. at the Corey Auditorium. Helping to paint the set are (left to right) Jill d'Arbeloff, Drew Lockwood, Zach d'Arbeloff, Rick Ursch, Carolyn Abend, George Middleton, Alison Mayer and Brenden Hedblom (on ladder). (Photo by Nancy Roberts)

Some of the students who are doing this are Carolyn Abend, Alison Mayer, Drew Lockwood, Zach d'Arbeloff, and Brenden Hedblom. We asked the students why they chose to help this committee and what they liked to do the most. Carolyn and Alison thought it would be interesting to do and both liked painting the most. Drew said he likes to build things. Brenden said he likes doing things in high-up places. Zach said he loves power tools and feels like he accomplished something building. Mrs. Mayer helped make the palm trees and is on the committee because she likes art-related projects. Many parents and students helped build and paint the set for Guys and Dolls, Jr. The set is awesome. Come see the play and admire their work.

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