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Friday, March 14, 2003


The Concord Carlisle Regional School Committee and Concord School Committee announced on Tuesday that they had hired Brenda Doherty Finn to be the new superintendent of the Concord K-8 schools and the regional high school. ...more

Carlisle School expansion delayed
Campus best option for future building

After months of reviewing architectural plans and cost estimates, the school building committee recommends adding onto the Carlisle School as the best solution to overcrowding and anticipated enrollment increases on the campus. But the building study plans are being put on hold, for a while at least, due to the state of the Massachusetts and local economy. ...more

Months of work by the Carlisle FinCom to craft a workable 2004 budget have been upset by the announcement of substantial cuts in state aid, based on the governor's budget presented in late February. As one of the designated "affluent" towns, Carlisle is targeted for the maximum 10.5% decrease in state aid, significantly more than what was allowed ...more

* 43 Bedford Road. Francene Amari-Faulkner brought a preliminary septic plan for replacement of the six-bedroom system on 43 Bedford Road. The board had asked for such a plan to show that the system could be replaced, if needed, prior to granting Amari-Faulkner a deed restriction which limits the residence to five bedrooms. The board, with the exception ...more

Town caucus set for March 24
12 vacancies to be filled at election on May 13

The annual town caucus, at which candidates are nominated to run for vacancies on elected town boards and committees, will be held on Monday, March 24 at 7 p.m. in the Clark Room at Town Hall. This year, twelve positions need to be filled, including two on the board of selectmen, three on the planning board and one on the Carlisle School Committee. Town moderator ...more

Can Concord and Carlisle avoid the protracted budget process that required an additional Carlisle Town Meeting and election last year? In an attempt to minimize the possibility of a disconnect between budgets for the shared regional high school, the boards of selectmen for the two towns met on Monday, March 10, to compare notes on potential override levels. ...more

In late February, a group of about 5 cross country skiers was found off the marked trail while in Carlisle's Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge, and were fined $75 each for trespassing. Tim Prior, acting project leader for the Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge, said the skiers parked along Route 225 and entered the refuge off the trail near the Concord ...more

Suppose you just bought an historic house in Carlisle center and decided to paint it light blue, just like your grandmother's Victorian in New Hampshire. Suppose that, after the paint dried, you learned that you should have applied for a Certificate of Appropriateness before you even visited the paint store. A what? ...more

In 1993 Carlisle adopted a Comprehensive Emergency Response Plan (CERP). It sits unobtrusively on the shelf in Fire Chief David Flannery's office like any other manual or guide. Between Reading HazMat Labels and Fire District 14 Resources, the CERP does not stand out. On closer inspection, however, the four-inch thick binder becomes a guided ...more

This year, the annual potluck dinner hosted by the Friends of the Gleason Library became an impromptu going-away party for head librarian Ellen Rauch. She's moved on to be the head of the library system in Somerville and will be sorely missed, according to Brooke Cragan, president of the board of trustees. Rauch was in charge at the Gleason since 1998 and ...more

; Spring intramural fees raised. The fee for intramural sports will rise to $185 per sport for the spring season. "We are not covering the cost of the program with the current fee," committee chair Suzanne Whitney-Smith explained. "We can't authorize programs for the spring unless we have a plan in place for costs to be met." ...more

The Carlisle School Foreign Language Team presented an overview of the program for sixth, seventh and eighth graders at the Carlisle School Committee meeting on March 4. ...more

Moose Alert!

Tom Wilson found moose tracks in the snow in the Cranberry Bog Reservation back on February 22. It appeared as if the moose was heading in the direction of Martin Street in Carlisle. It could still be in the neighborhood. ...more

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