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Friday, March 14, 2003


Mixed paper recycling

Good news for both the environment and the town! Clean mixed paper is now being recycled in the Carlisle schools. A recycling company supplies the school with bins for hallways and removes the collected paper, all at no cost to the school. Mixed paper will no longer have to be discarded with the school's trash and hauled to the NESWC facility for costly incineration. Besides saving money, this recycling effort will instill in the children a sense of pride and respect for the environment, while serving as an example to the community as a whole.

For Carlisle residents, the transfer station has collection bins for mixed paper, newspaper, and cardboard. A wide range of paper is acceptable in the mixed paper bin, including white office paper, window envelopes, colored paper, magazines, catalogs, and colored ads. Recycled newspaper and mixed paper provide income of $10 per ton, instead of costing $122 per ton in incineration fees. For example, a week of the Boston Globe weighs about 11 pounds, so recycling it for a year saves the town $38. This is an easy step every household can take to benefit both the environment and our property taxes!

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