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Friday, February 28, 2003


Where were you born and raised? ...more

Despite a short 30-minute drive into Boston, it's easy to feel isolated in bucolic Carlisle. Wildlife contributes to the town's charm, and although you can walk along a trail without seeing a human, there are plenty of birds, rabbits and deer to keep you from feeling completely alone. For those accustomed to wild life in the city, however, the quiet can be ...more

As a snowy winter shows the first signs of melting into spring, Carlisle residents are looking forward to "celebrating the future" at the first ever CEF/CSA Auction for the Carlisle Public School. The auction, which will take place Saturday, March 15 at the Middlesex School on Lowell Road in Concord, features over two hundred offerings, running the ...more

School vacation week was coming up, February 17 through February 21, and since the Mosquito would not be publishing that week, I assumed I would be spending more time at the dining room table looking out at our bird feeders which attract a fair number of birds at this time of year. Not only would I be looking for the pileated woodpecker who frequently pays ...more

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