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Friday, February 28, 2003


Shorts from the conservation commission, February 13

Pony club events. The pony club requested approval for a fund raising event at the Foss Farm pony ring to be held on May 4, as well as for a series of pony club events during July and August. Melissa Webster, accompanied by Cynthia Craft and Jackie Jacobs, presented the proposal for the pony club. She stated that proceeds from the event would be earmarked for the Foss Farm restoration account for improvements to the property. The requests required signed approvals because six or more persons would be involved. The pony club requests were granted and will be signed at the next meeting.

Sunset Road septic. John Supple of Sunset Road requested approval of a septic system repair, and a proposed driveway and porch addition. The applicant had received wavers from the board of health for the proposed septic system but the placement of the new system required regrading the driveway. The commission asked Supple for a plan showing a cross section of the new slope that would demonstrate "how you are going to stabilize the new slope." Commissioner Tricia Smith stated that the impact on the wetland would determine the slopes involved, saying, "I want to know that the slopes will be stable and I can't get this from your plan." The plan Supple presented for approval was primarily a landscaping plan for vegetative stabilization and he agreed to bring the requested engineering information with him to a continued hearing on February 27.

Maple Street triangle. Matt Hamor of 715 Bedford Road asked the ConsCom to review his plan to construct a stone wall, install a wooden fence and replace existing asphalt with vegetative material on the triangle at the intersection of Maple Street and Bedford Road. Hamor had consulted with DPW superintendent Gary Davis about his plan, Davis sent him to consult with Bob Koning, who sent him to Jon White of the fire department. A bordering vegetative wetland across the street from Hamor drains into his yard and this fact suggested that ConsCom may need to become involved. The commission decided that no determination by them was necessary and Hamor was sent on his way with their blessing.

North Road driveway. The next hearing was on a notice of intent filed by Allen and Risha Deary of North Road to grade and pave 540 feet of an existing gravel driveway, with 3300 sq. ft. of the project within the 100-foot buffer zone of a bordering vegetated wetland. This was essentially a post facto hearing, since two ConsCom representatives had done a site inspection last June when Deary was paving his driveway at his contractor's suggestion. Deary mentioned that the wetland area in question is a spotted turtle habitat and stated that he had done all the paperwork to have the wetland certified as a vernal pool on the basis of the spotted turtle population. A standard order of conditions was approved.

Brook Street garage. A final Notice of Intent (NOI) was brought before the commission by David and Lorraine Salto of 163 Brook Street. It involved the removal of an existing garge and carport and replacement of the garage with associated grading and additional pavement. Approximately 2,900 feet of the project is in the 100 foot wetland buffer zone. The commission approved the NOI.

Greenough Dam repairs. Bob Stevens, the engineer selected to carry out the dam repairs, has asked for suggestions for plantings and recommendations on the seed mix to use for erosion contol. Nothing is seeded in now and it was recommended that cloth matting be specified when it is done. Members of the long-term capital requirements committee suggested that costs could be reduced by phasing the dam project over several years. The ConsCom prefers to do it in one phase.

Chelmsford dam at the Cranberry Bog. There is continuing concern about repairing this dam, since a breakage will wash out the dike on the Carlisle side. This would create a silt problem and destroy the water reservoir for the cranberry bog. Additionally, the upstream wetland habitat will be destroyed if the dam breaks. Farmer Mark Duffy who leases the bog from the town will come to the February 27 meeting to discuss the matter. It was suggested that the Chelmsford Conservation Commisioner also be invited to attend the meeting.

ConsCom assistant. The position of assistant to the conservation administrator is currently funded for 13.29 hours a week. No one claims to know how that figure was determined. The commission has wished for funding to increase the number of hours. In the past, funds for time in excess of the budgeted 13.29 hours have been taken from the ConsCom intents account (fees accruing from the Wetland Protection Act). It was suggested that the position be funded for 15 hours a week, but that extra time come out of other accounts.

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