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Friday, February 28, 2003

School seeks iMacs, network printers, toner cartridges...

To the Editor:

If you or your business has the right equipment to donate, the Carlisle Public School would very much welcome it.

The school had planned to upgrade and replace aging and overused computers with a combination of town capital expenditures and outside grants (notably from the CEF). Budgetary constraints, however, have refocused those funds on maintaining core program and personnel. Consequently, the Carlisle Technology Advisory Group is turning toward individuals and businesses in the town for donations. With a state technology ranking 3rd from the bottom (based on the number of A level computers per student; see http://www.doe.mass.

edu/edtech/etreport/2001let.html), the schools need new equipment. However, the schools need hardware that can match their Macintosh-based infrastructure. Here are the details:

Computers: Macintosh multi-media computers with CD-ROM and Ethernet capability. They need 128 MB RAM or higher and a processor speed of at least 350 MHz. Generally, iMacs or G4's are the machines meeting these standards.

Network printers: The technology group would appreciate any donations of black and white laser printers that can be networked and are in very good shape. Speed is not an issue, and old Apple Laser Writers would be welcome. (Toner cartridges would also be appreciated.) The library has a donated Color LaserJet 4500. Although a very good printer, it is on its last set of toner cartridges and drum kit. Color printers are expensive to maintain; one year's supply of toner and drum kits costs approximately $1,650. The CSA has funded it in the past but cannot do so anymore.

Projection systems: Projectors that accept video and audio output from a computer.

Memory sticks: Most of the school's digital cameras have the capability to use memory sticks (Sony or comparable media). If anyone received a small memory stick with his or her camera and replaced it, the School would appreciate the old ones.

External Firewire Hard Drives/1394: Multimedia requires large storage capabilities. The school needs hardware with Macintosh drivers.

Please contact David Mayall at, or at 1-978-369-6550, if you think you can help.

Laura Snowdon, CEF
Bellows Hill Road

Parents Connection thanks volunteers

To the Editor:

The Carlisle Parents Connection would like to thank all the volunteers who helped make the Valentine's Day party such an enjoyable and successful event. A special thanks to Fiona Sibley and Krista Kallio who organized the event and all the other volunteers such as: Carol Ackerman, Peggy Wang, Louann Chiotelis, Pat Simon, Polly Meyer, Nancy Scezniak, Jen Albanese, Casey Smith and Kathy Cuarnaccia.

Stephanie Blunt
Cross Street

Reflections on peace rally in Amsterdam

To the Editor:

On returning from the February 15 peace rally in New York City, I found this e-mail message from our daughter Sarah, a student at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, who had participated in a similar rally there. I thought that the international perspective might be interesting to others here in Carlisle:

"Amsterdam was cool, although events there did not reach the sort of fever pitch I bet they did in the States. The slogan of the rally over here was 'Niet in mijn naam' (Not in my name)...

It was a pretty huge crowd - supposedly about 70,000 total, although that's nothing compared to London, Rome, Berlin, and New York of course! Surprisingly, there was almost nothing in the way of police presence. People were just incredibly well-behaved (although the signs were plenty feisty), and really did themselves proud.

I went to the rally wearing a little placard pinned to my jacket that said 'Another American for Peace.' (Much later on, I came across a group of Americans who had decked themselves out in similar apparel...) Spent the last half hour, as the crowd was slowly marching out of the square, standing on a bench watching thousands of folks flow by and making my 'sign' more visible in the process. Got plenty of smiles. 'Twas nice.

The more nice because - of course - folks over here are not so thrilled with America right now. Fortunately, the distinction is being drawn between average Americans and the Bush regime, but still, it's unsettling. I would expect to see things like bloodstained American flags and blackened stars carried by angry folks at a USA rally, but it's always a little bit of a scare to see them in other contexts. Another large banner read: 'Back home is the best, so please stay there.'

But there was a huge diversity of protestors and signs, of course, and most were at least relatively main-stream. My favorite read 'Oorlog is slecht voor de gezondheid (War is bad for your health!)'"

Margaret Darling
West Street

CC Youth Hockey thanks donors

To the Editor:

The Concord/Carlisle Youth Hockey Organization just celebrated their third annual dinner fundraiser and it was a great success. Many people braved the cold weather and snow to come and have a great time. Emceeing the event was Peter Bagley, who kept us in stitches. Congratulations to our raffle winners Karen Long, Pauline McCormick and Peter Standish for splitting the raffle three ways. The Board would also like to thank their members that contributed to this event and to the following organizations that also contributed to this event to make it such a success. Without your generous donations, we would not have been able to raise over $12,000 to benefit the hockey development for our organization. Thank you everyone. And thank you to these organizations:

Middlesex School, Carlisle Recreation, Concord Recreation, Crosby Design, Fitness Together, Brine Sporting Good, J&J Sports, The Cam Neely Foundation, Roll On America, Pro Ambitions Hockey, Fit-To-Go, Great Brook State Park, Mahoney's Garden Center, Concord/Carlisle Varsity High School Hockey Team, The Sheraton Lexington.

Linda Fabrizio
CCYH Publicity Coordinator

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