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Friday, February 14, 2003

Carlisle peace marchers include (left to right) Ernie Huber, Cathy Byrne, Sally Coulter, Bob Wallhagen, Diane Miller, Nick, Eric and Margaret Darling, George Bishop, Kathy Rubenstein and Susan Stamps. Other Carlisleans at the rally were Roberta and Steve Spang and Audra Jones, a senior at NYU. (Photo by Ellen Huber)


What compels people to board a bus to go to a Peace March in New York City? For me, the single-minded push of the Bush administration to go to war in Iraq regardless of inspectors' findings, NATO allies' reservations and without diplomatic efforts, seemed wrong. War is not a football match with people cheering on the sidelines. Innocent women and children ...more

While town employees hold their breath, Carlisle police are still waiting for Verizon to release information from the phone logs for the assessors' office for January 31 when a threatening message was left on the assessors' answering machine. ...more

On February 12, Ron Fitzgerald of the Minuteman Regional High School responded to a request from the FinCom to explain a substantial increase in the Carlisle assessment for FY04. The FinCom had hoped to keep the Minuteman budget at the $87,297 level of FY03, but received information the assessment would be $129,371 (lowered to $120,661 after an error was ...more

With four months left in this fiscal year state aid has been cut while expenditures, including snow and ice removal, are running higher than expected. So far, the magnitude of the shortfall is manageable, but Carlisle officials are keeping their fingers crossed that no other budget insults occur. ...more

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