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Friday, February 14, 2003


Chances are, even the most casual reader of poems has encountered a comparison between poetry and music. Robert Pinsky, U.S. Poet Laureate from 1997 to 2000, takes that comparison into the realm of the audible. He has likened reading a poem silently, instead of saying it, to the difference between staring at sheet music and actually humming or playing the ...more

Valentine's Day will be sweeter than usual for over 328 Carlisle School volunteers. The administration at the Carlisle Public Schools is holding a Volunteer Appreciation Tea on February 14. Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson clearly loves volunteers and feels involvement in the school community is a benefit to everyone. "What a resource our volunteers ...more

Which event for you marks the first "sign of spring?" For me, it's the courtship cooing of the Mourning Dove, which often begins in mid-February, hence the connection with Valentine's Day. This song is a mournful "oooahh ooo ooo oo," which the male sings while perched on a branch or wire. The call is often misattributed to that of ...more

On Sunday, February 10, at the Concord Academy Performing Arts Center, the Concord Chamber Music Society (CCMS) presented a concert featuring three musicians, all at the top of their profession. When attending a concert by such renowned performers clarinetist Thomas Martin of the Boston Symphony Orchestra; cellist Michael Reynolds, a founder of the ...more

Thirty years ago gym classes were a place where competition ruled, where teams punished teams, and there was little connection between what took place in the gymnasium and the classroom. Physical education has radically changed since then. ...more

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