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Friday, February 14, 2003


Board approves 3 septic plans

Hart Farm Road

Builder Mike Durand and septic installer Paul Cohen of Mainstream, Inc. came to the board of health meeting on February 6 with a problem. It seems that the board had not been called to do a final inspection before the septic system at Lot 9A Hart Farm Road was complete and the town building inspector Bob Koning would not issue an occupancy certificate. The new owners of the property are anxious to move in and the school system, which has enrolled their children, is giving the owners some grief about residency.

The septic system was inspected by the engineering firm Stamski and McNary and certified correct "as built," but now the snow cover is too dense to complete the final inspection. Board of health consulting engineer Rob Frado said, "I like to see if the mounds need stabilization." Frado was referring to the mounds created by the additional fill requirements common in today's septic systems. If the mounds are not stabilized with hay bales, erosion can occur.

Cohen explained that it was his first septic system installation in Carlisle and he missed calling for final inspection.

The board discussed the options: to allow a temporary or conditional approval for an occupancy permit, send a letter to the school stating that it would be OK for the kids to attend until the septic system was approved, hold some money in escrow until the inspection was complete, or delay approval until the weather would permit inspection.

Board member Lisa Davis Lewis said "although some potential for erosion exists, this has nothing to do with the septic system operation."

Board member Steve Opolski said that he felt the board should give the approval needed for an occupancy permit and let the people get in their house. He didn't see a public health issue. The board voted unanimously to approve the installation. They wiil ask the homeowners to sign a letter that Frado will be called to complete inspection when snow conditions permit.

Sunset Road septic repair

Engineer Ron Ferraiuolo of Stamski and McNary presented a repair design to the board for 111 Sunset Road. The house on the 1.1-acre property is being upgraded but will not increase its bedroom count beyond its current three- bedroom designation. Nonetheless the design requires waivers on the 50-foot offset to wetlands (100 feet required), the 72-foot distance from the system tank to the owner's well (100 feet required), and a restriction on the use of a garbage-grinder kitchen disposal unit.

Abutter Nick Carr of 127 Sunset Road expressed concern that the system was not far enough from his own well. Ferraiuolo assured him that the design showed his well to be 100 feet from the septic system, as required.

The board approved the design with the three waivers. Board of health chair Martha Bedrosian said, "There doesn't seem to be much of an alternative."

Concord Street

David Del Porto of Sustainable Strategies in West Concord prsented a conventional septic system repair. Although the state has approved an innovated tight-tank system, Del Porto explained that the owners of the property had run into hard economic times when Christoph Karpeter lost his job and could not afford to repair the system. Karpeter is now employed back in his native Germany and feels that it is in his best interest to sell the house at 106 Concord Street and not build the elaborate septic system.

Del Porto presented a sketch of a three-bedroom system which he feels will comply with the state Title 5 requirements. Board of health agent Linda Fantasia commented that Karpeter's plans had been for a four-bedroom system. Del Porto explained that Karpeter felt the house was more suited to a three-bedroom system and would do the necessary modifications to the house to achieve this.

Opolski said that with a new application for a septic system the builder is given two years to complete if it is a repair system and three years for a new system. But since this system has been in failure for over three years the board did not want to give that much time for a new repair. Fantasia added that the board intends to send a letter saying that the house could not be rented in its current state.

The board told Del Porto to go ahead with his design under the conditions of three bedrooms, no garbage grinder and a deadline for completion by August 2003.

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