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Friday, February 14, 2003


RecCom presents its FY04 needs and wants

The recreation commission presented its budget to the finance committee on February 5 and took the opportunity to review its mission and performance.

The RecCom generates considerable revenues by charging fees for recreation programs and use of facilities. In addition, it receives a modest budget from the town.

The FY04 budget guideline from the FinCom totals $75,054, a 1.5% increase over the current year. RecCom chair Maureen Tarca stated that, of this total, $47,325 is targeted for field maintenance and $27,729 for a part-time recreation director. A growth budget of $107,250 would provide for a second part-time recreation director and an increase for field maintenance.

RecCom mission and programs

The recreation commission's primary mission is to provide quality programs and facilities for all the residents of Carlisle. To this end, the RecCom provides a range of programs that appeal to a wide range of the community. Youth programs offered jointly with Concord include baseball, soccer, hockey and lacrosse. Carlisle residents make up over 35% of the participants. Tennis, skiing and the LIKE language program are programs offered as individual activities. The summer day camp had record attendance over the last three years •over 600 registrations. The RecCom also offers a strong and varied adult program. Senior citizens receive a special discount in most classes.

Fields and facilities are maintained by the RecCom. This year's improvements include paving an additional driveway at the Banta-Davis Land on Bedford Road, grooming the Banta-Davis fields, installing a foul-ball net on the little league field, seeding the Spalding field, readying the "Tot Lot" at Diment Park, and keeping all playing fields open and operating at 100% of capacity.

RecCom also believes in giving back to the community, said Tarca. Last year the RecCom brought in $215,000 in fees, grants and team registrations. In addition to running the camps and providing programs, the RecCom also completed a number of projects above and beyond routine maintenance. These programs included:

• installing 8 picnic tables on the school grounds ($3,000)

• re-opening the Carlisle Castle ($1,800)

• installing a storage shed at Town Hall ($4,000)

• buying a slide for the kindergarten playground ($1,000)

• upgrading RecCom furniture and computer equipment ($4,000).

Expenditures on non-program related items totaled approximately $20,000. The RecCom also provides employment opportunities for the town's youth.

The RecCom believes that there is a growing demand for additional services, such as a community center, additional tennis courts, additional playing fields, and bathroom/water facilities at the fields.

Wastewater facility concern

The one major concern, said Tarca, is that the potential wastewater treatment facility for the Carlisle Public School may be sited on the Banta-Davis little league field. If the field is damaged by the construction of the treatment facility, repairing or replacing the field could cost up to $100,000.

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