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Friday, February 7, 2003


Historical commission shorts

New commissioners. Peggy Hilton, newly appointed to the Carlisle Historical Commission, took her seat at the commission's meeting on January 28, and David Chaffin, recently nominated as an alternate commissioner, attended his first meeting. Both Hilton and Chaffin are residents of the historic district.

Proposed footpath. Deb Belanger of the Carlisle Pedestrian and Bike Safety Advisory Committee spoke in favor of the previously submitted application to install a footpath from the post office to the ATM in the center. She read a letter from police chief David Galvin to the selectmen concerning the need for certain footpaths due to increased traffic on Carlisle roads that creates a safety issue for residents "simply wishing to go for a walk." Superintendent of public works Gary Davis has made a commitment to maintain the footpath section. The commission voted to issue a Certificate of Appropriateness for that section of the pathway, with the requirement that updated drawings and specifications be submitted prior to construction. The planned pathway requires the approval of the planning board and the board of selectmen.

Violations in the historic district. The commissioners discussed procedures to pursue violations in the district. Of continuing concern are several violations at one residence dating back two and a-half years, during which time the homeowner has not responded to phone calls and letters merely asking him to talk to the commission. Enforcement procedures were discussed and the commission agreed that chair Mary Ann Kitrosser would ask town counsel's advice on how to proceed.

Two other violations in the districtlocation of a mailbox on the town green and location of a sign, both at the same house were reviewed. Commissioners agreed that Hilton would hand-deliver an application to the tenant living in the house in the absence of the homeowner.

Budget woes. Long faces around the table reflected the sobering news that the historical commission had already spent all of its 2003 budget and no additional funds would be available until FY2004.

Demolition delay bylaw. Louise Hara, the planning board liaison to the historical commission, updated commissioners on the proposed demolition delay bylaw. A period of delay, possibly six months to a year, would give applicants the opportunity to come to the commission and talk about their plans. Commissioners questioned whether the bylaw should apply town-wide or just to the district. Hara pointed out that many issues must be resolved before the bylaw is presented to Town Meeting (not this spring, however). Commissioners agreed to study the issues and plan to educate the town on the proposed bylaw through Mosquito articles and public hearings.

Community Preservation Act funds. Kitrosser is the commission's liaison to the CPA committee. She reported that $40,000 is available this year for preservation, or 10% of the town's total funds from the act. Renovation of the collapsed Old Morse Bridge was suggested as a possible project for the funds.

Honoring Jim Davis. The commissioners want to honor their long-time colleague James C. Davis, Jr., who died on January 12 and who served on the commission for almost thirty years. They suggested that this year's Town Report be dedicated to Davis and will make the recommendation to the selectmen.

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