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Friday, February 7, 2003


Shorts from the planning board, January 27

Shorten planning board term. By a unanimous vote, the planning board has requested a Warrant article to change the length of the terms served. The proposed article will amend the terms to three years, instead of the current five years. Chairman Kate Reid believes the shorter-term length "would encourage more people to run." The board also agreed they would all resign shortly before the Town Meeting and all run for the balance of their terms. This arrangement was suggested in order to implement the beginning of staggered terms. Members would run for the balance of the terms they have left from their five years.

Mapping proposal. The board accepted a proposal they had received to convert Carlisle's land parcel information to a digital format. The proposal from Applied Geographic, a consulting firm specializing in geographic information systems mapping, proposes to digitize the current assessors information on parcels. Member Dan Holzman summarized, "We are going to end up with an electronic Xerox of our existing assessors map." The cost of the proposal is $6,000 for what is the first layer in any future electronic mapping system. The board of assessors will be responsible for verifying the accuracy of the information. The board expects to utilize this information for the creation of maps for the community development plan.

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