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Friday, February 7, 2003


Shorts from the RSC, January 28

EQA audit. Acting superintendent Gene Thayer notified the board that an EQA (Education Quality and Accountability) audit is scheduled for the spring of 2003. The EQA is an independent office within the DOE (Department of Education), mandated to examine every school in the Commonwealth. The audit examination requires numerous documents (usually the same as are required by the Department of Education), and a site visit in 2004. Every school in Massachusetts will be going through this process. Regional Committee member Michael Fitzgerald asked Thayer how the audit process would affect the school staff. The staff is preparing similar documentation for accreditation, Thayer replied, but "it will create additional work." When asked whether a protest could be made to a local senator about the extra work, Thayer replied it is "not in our best interest to challenge this."

Community education and summer school report. The community education department reported that classes offered by the Con-cord Community Education Department include instruction in the use of portable defibrillators, which are installed in various schools in Concord. Those learning the use of the defibrillators included school nurses, parents and middle school students.

Superintendent search. There are four or five finalists for superintendent being considered, Thayer reported. The board will interview all the candidates in February through a series of evening meetings which are open to the public. He expects the new superintendent will be hired in early March.

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