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Friday, February 7, 2003


Wastewater plant site still unresolved

Recently completed engineering studies have determined that the best location for the proposed new leaching/discharge field for the Carlisle School wastewater treatment plant is at the back of the lower playing field at Banta-Davis Land on Bedford Road. The question of where to site the wastewater plant itself still remains an issue.

The school building committee recently visited possible sites for the plant with the Recreation Commission and the design engineer. The plant requires about a half-acre of land. Possible sites include Church Street, where the present tennis courts are located, on the slope to the west of Spalding field, and three sites on the Banta-Davis Land: next to the proposed leaching field to be located at the back of the lower playing field, on the right of the Banta-Davis Land, where new tennis courts are proposed, or the field at the back of the land.

Plans are to replace the current septic system, which is in technical failure according to state Department of Environmental Protection regulations, with a new wastewater treatment facility designed to meet the needs of the current school, a possible expansion of the school, and a possible second school in the future.

The project engineer has said if the wastewater plant is located close to the school source, construction costs would be less than if it is further away from the school. One scenario discussed is if the wastewater plant is located up on the present campus and a new school is built at Banta-Davis. Sewage from the Banta-Davis school would have to be pumped up the hill to the plant to be treated and then pumped back down again to the discharge field located at Banta-Davis.

Member Peter Stuart said any new school building location should be decided first, "Then we can make a decision on where to site the wastewater plant, once the school is decided." However, Fox-Melanson said she believes it's important for the wastewater plant project to go forward, "I'm concerned that it has been going on so long. It requires resolution."

Later she explained the wastewater project is part of the link school building project that was completed several years ago. The school still holds funds received from the state School Building Assistance Bureau that are reserved for a new septic system. The school now needs a wastewater treatment facility rather than a standard septic system due to increased enrollments at the school.

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