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Friday, February 7, 2003

Appreciation for a fun Murder-Mystery Night

To the Editor:

Congratulations to the Friends of the Library for their "Murder Mystery Night." What a wonderful way to raise funds for the Gleason Public Library and provide an entertaining winter evening in Carlisle and warm up our "little gray cells." The Murder-Mystery night was a smashing success. The evening began with a "murder" being committed in the midst of our "pre-show" wine and cheese reception. The mystery was uncovered bit-by-bit as the audience teams interviewed the "town luminaries" who acted the parts of the suspects. The actors were able to keep in their character through grueling interrogation by the audience "detectives." The clever plot kept most of us guessing until the end. Even the wrap-up was full of twists.

Thanks to the author/director and all the "characters" and others that made this evening of great fun possible, and for such a worthy cause! We are fortunate to have such a group of talented and generous people in our community.

I can only hope that this becomes an annual event!

Ralph and Jane Anderson
Baldwin Road

Retired Fire Chief Koning writes with thanks for retirement party

To the Editor:

It is with deep humility that I try to express with words my appreciation for the outpouring of love and honors bestowed upon me at my retirement party at the Stow Country Club last Saturday evening. I wish to thank those Carlisle citizens, friends, members of various boards, past and present members of the Board of Selectmen, firefighters and Chiefs from District 14 and surrounding towns for being there and sharing that very special night with me and my family. A very special thanks to the Stevensons Mary Beth for initiating the idea and coordinating the event, and to Douglas for the great job he did as master of ceremonies. I will remember that night for the rest of my life. I have been truly blessed, thank you.

Retired Chief Robert Koning

There's still time to donate blankets for Boston's homeless

To the Editor:

About a week and a half ago we brought in 29 blankets to Solutions At Work in Cambridge, an arm of the Cambridge/Boston Homeless Coalition. Considering the unremitting cold weather in January, they were extremely grateful for our donations and said they were much needed. Twelve people had been sleeping on the floor of their office since they had nowhere else to go during the cold weather. We have decided to make one more drop-off after President's Day weekend so if you have any blankets to spare or care to purchase some for the homeless, you can drop them off in our barn on 39 Baldwin Road up until February 18. Many thanks for the generosity of so many Carlisleans that we have seen and from which so many homeless have benefited!

The Petrie Family
Baldwin Road

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