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Friday, January 31, 2003


With the recent wave of corporate scandals sweeping over the country, knowing which companies to invest in can be daunting. One solution is to invest in companies that, in addition to having good track records, are socially and environmentally conscientious. Companies that treat their employees, the community, and the environment with respect and integrity ...more

It was dusk on January eighteenth, the first night of the waning Hunger Moon. We were having a conversation in the living-room, facing the frozen Concord River, when my father-in-law remarked that he could see something standing on the ice. We all rushed to the window and saw that there was certainly either a fox, coyote or small dog standing on the ice of ...more

This sign, bearing the image of an owl, was recently posted in Carlisle. What can you tell us about it? Do you know where it is? Can you tell us what kind of owl it is and why the sign has been posted? And (bonus question) can you name the Carlisle artist who created the picture? Write to us and we'll print your responses (and the answers to all these ...more

The Carlisle Congregational Church joyfully celebrated the opening of their new sanctuary during the weekend of January 25 and 26. There was an open house for the entire community on Saturday, and a dedication service on Sunday. Both were well attended and members of the congregation welcomed new visitors and old friends. A brief service was held on Saturday, ...more

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