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Friday, January 24, 2003


Historical society house gets OK for small tour groups

Members of the Carlisle Historical Society came before the board of health on January 3 to discuss a special permit for the use of the Heald Homestead, the society's property at 698 Concord Street. Historical society members Anne Marie Brako, Sarah Brophy and Charlie Forsberg explained that the society has no intention of opening the building to the public, but wishes to conduct private tours with groups of 10 to 15 people. Brako explained that the historical collection in the 200-year-old house has created a great deal of interest from a number of groups within the town. The parking lot can only hold six cars.

A portion of the house is currently occupied by a part-time caretaker, who is also an airline steward. The society has been meeting at the Forsbergs' house so there is currently very little load on the septic system, which is rated to support five bedrooms at a flow of 550 gallons per day.

Though it was expected that there would not be more than one tour, which would last 45 minutes, conducted per month, the society wanted some guidelines as to what it could reasonably do and still meet public health regulations.

Board member Steve Opolski suggested that the board vote to amend its letter of January 29, 2002 to specify that the society could have an average of five guests per day average, with no more that 40 guests at one time, in addition to providing living quarters for a caretaker. This would mean that up to 150 people could tour in a month, with five each day, or perhaps ten every other day.

The vote to approve was unanimous.

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