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Friday, January 24, 2003


Shorts from the selectmen, Jan. 14

Warrant opened. The selectmen formally opened the Warrant for the Annual Town Meeting on May 5.

Comprehensive permit project. On January 28, Michael Kenny will present a modified version of his proposed chapter 40B housing development at 302 Lowell Street.

Treasurer/tax collector. Town administrator Madonna McKenzie told the selectmen that eight applications for the position have been received so far, and two of those applicants have previous municipal experience. The application deadline is January 21. Selectman Tim Hult agreed to participate on the interview committee. Along with Hult and the town administrator, the selectmen will ask a member of the finance committee and a member of the personnel board to participate.

Emergency management director. Fire chief David Flannery was appointed the town's emergency management director, a position traditionally held by the head of the fire department.

Revenue enhancement committee. The revenue enhancement committee was formally constituted by the appointment of members to serve until the end of June, 2003. Appointees are FinCom member Lisa Jensen-Fellows, conservation commissioner Roy Watson, and Carlisle residents Larry Bearfield, Bret Bero and Frank Golis. The charter of the committee calls for repre-sentatives from the selectmen and finance committee (or a designee), as well as a member of Carlisle's business community, and two other town residents. Since no selectman offered to join the committee, the board decided to make one of the five previously named volunteers their designee.

Hanscom Field advisory committee. Steve Lerner was appointed the Carlisle representative to the Hanscom Field advisory committee, his term to expire in June of 2006.

Restorative Justice program. The selectmen voted to allow the Carlisle restorative circle to meet occasionally in the Town Hall. This new non-profit group works with the police department to provide alternative resolutions for juvenile first-time offenders. Selectman Carol Peters is a member of the volunteer program.

Girl Scouts. The selectmen decided not to allow the Girl Scouts to sell cookies at Town Hall. The board discussed their reservations and Hult said, "I just don't think it's necessary." Board member Vivian Chaput added, "Even though I'm a former cookie mom, I agree."

Cell tower photo simulations. John Coste, consultant for Sprint PCS, has given the selectmen simulated photographs showing 100-foot and 150-foot cell towers located behind the fire station.

High school capital plan review. The selectmen discussed forming a group to review the report of the regional school committee's (RSC) space utilization subcommittee. The selectmen want to work with Concord in order to examine the school's needs and help find a school renovation plan that both towns will support. Selectmen Hult and Ballantine, along with FinCom members Lisa Jensen-Fellows and Deb Belanger have all volunteered to help with the review. The next step mentioned is for the selectmen to contact the RSC to learn if they would like to participate in such a review. The RSC has asked that Carlisle's next Town Meeting vote on a Warrant article to raise $2.3 million for studies, bid documents, architectural and engineering plans for the high school renovation.

FY04 budget. The FinCom guideline, or no-override budget for fiscal year FY04, provides all non-school departments a budget growth of 1.5%. The selectmen have recommended cost-of-living salary raises of 2%, and departments which include those raises must cut other expenses in order to stay within the 1.5% target. However, salary upgrades which are part of the town's wage and classification plan are not included in the 1.5%, because funding for that will be addressed in a separate part of the budget.

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