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Friday, January 24, 2003

Invitation to CCHS space utilization presentation

To the editor:

The Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee would like to invite any interested resident of Carlisle to attend an information session on the Concord-Carlisle High School space utilization committee report. This session will be held next Wednesday night, January 29, in the CCHS auditorium at 7 p.m. The evening is designed to allow you to hear about the needs at CCHS, hear the proposed plans for renovation/reconstruction, and ask questions about the plans. Members of the committee and principal Arthur Dulong will present. We sincerely hope that you will take the time to attend.

The school committee looks forward to seeing you and creating a dialogue regarding the project.

Michael Fitzgerald
Autumn Lane
Vice-chair, Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee

Many helped to make Japan Night a success

To the editor:

The success of the January 10, 2003, Japan Night at Symphony Hall concert was due to the combined efforts of many people. We send our appreciation and gratitude to the following people in particular, as well as to all those who helped behind the scenes.

Maxine Crowther, coordinator of ticket sales; Mary Cheever, Middle School ticket sales; Helen Eaton, concert program and publicity; Amanda Finizio, chaperones; Kentaro and Kimiko Furutani, international relations and video; Anne Hayden, home-stay coordinator; Junko Kargula, Hokkaido, Japan, government liaison; Kate Keleher, Symphony Hall poster; Yvonne Larson and Marianne Condon, student pot-luck dinner; Barbara Lewis, publicity; Kathleen Molony, Massachusetts government relations; Cynthia Nock, welcoming reception; Joe Pickman, Sapporo Art Exhibition; Nancy Powell, band uniforms; Brigid Siegel and Deborah Wengrovitz, Symphony Hall dinner; Arthur Dulong, CCHS Principal; Eugene Thayer, CCRSD Superintendent; and the CCRSD School Committee.

We were thrilled to be part of this international musical and cultural exchange. Above all, we thank the Concert Band and Repertory Band students, as well as the Sapporo Shiroishi Symphonic Wind Ensemble conductors and students, who made it all happen so gloriously on the stage at Boston Symphony Hall.

Tom Curtin, CCHS Counselor
Al Dentino, CCHS Director of Bands

Appreciation from CCHS band president for Japan Night

To the Editor,

I would like to thank all the wonderful people of Concord and Carlisle who helped make the Japan Night at Symphony Hall such a smashing success. The size of the audience and the enthusiastic applause were overwhelming. Many of our Japanese guests shed tears of joy when they got backstage. The concert, along with the activities leading up to it, was truly a special, once in a lifetime experience. Members of the CCHS bands had so much fun — not only through playing our instruments but also through making new friends and being exposed to the Japanese culture and language. We even got to show off our new uniforms including the maroon cummerbunds and the bow ties.

We would like to thank our conductor Mr. Dentino and our "modern day emissary" Dr. Curtin who have worked tirelessly for over a year now to bring the Sapporo Shiroishi High School band to us and the CCHS Concert band to Hokkaido this coming April. It is no accident that the Japan Night Concert ran so smoothly, as it took months of preparation and hard work by Mr. Dentino and Dr. Curtin — meeting with Symphony Hall personnel and our Japanese guests to work out everything down to the most minute detail. However, we all know that all these events would not have happened had we not also had the support from the people of Concord and Carlisle who attended the concert, supported us financially in our fund-raising, prepared food for the pot-luck dinner, housed our Japanese guests at their homes, and in general, worked behind the scenes.

This is an experience, as Mr. Dentino puts it, that "we will be telling our children." Thank you for making it all possible.

Stephen Yu
Rutland Street
CCHS Band President

Tribute to Jim and Wendy Davis

To the Editor:

What We Already Know...

They are — he was, she is — inspirations.

Inspirations to the mind and to the spirit.

Inspirations by their sheer existence.


Warmth, Friendship, Generosity, Kindness, Frugality, Thoughtfulness, Energy, Intelligence, Adventure, Acceptance, and Love.

Reminders of that for which we all strive.

Thank you, Jim and Wendy, for your guidance.

Thank you for shining as our stars and sharing your light with us.

Nancy Szczesniak
Aberdeen Drive

2003 The Carlisle Mosquito