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Friday, January 17, 2003


Gleason Public Library director Ellen Rauch resigns

Gleason Library director Ellen Rauch announced last week that she will be leaving to accept a position as director of the Somerville Public Library. Rauch came to the Gleason in 1998, just before the addition was built, and she coordinated the library's temporary move to the Carlisle Institute in June 1999 and the move back to the new addition. She has also guided an expansion of the library program in its new, larger facility.

'The staff is wonderful'

(Photo by Midge Eliassen)
Rauch has highest praise for the competence and cooperation of the library staff that has enabled Carlisle, which has one of the highest circulation rates per capita in the state, to keep up with the demands of expanding services. The library had 12% growth in circulation this past year. Changes in technology and increasing dependence on technology have led to extended services, such as helping with homework and on-line searches. Rauch says "We are so lucky to have volunteers" whose efforts doing "the housework" free up regular librarians for other things. The "other things" the library does are varied: in the last couple of years the library has hosted two networking groups for residents.

There is no date yet for starting in Somerville, but Rauch expects that all the paperwork will be done sometime in February. Interestingly, she lives in Somerville and worked at the Somerville library from 1975 to 1980, beginning as a page when she was a student, and ending as a certified graduate librarian. She was planning to stay in Carlisle when the Somerville position became vacant, and she was encouraged to apply for it. She did so, and says things happened so fast that she is still surprised by the move.

The present library staff will stay in place as the trustees conduct a search for her replacement. She feels the staff is so competent that "the library could run without me." In an interview earlier this week, she said library trustees and the town residents have been helpful and supportive and she would be happy "if there were a way to say thank you" for the many ways they have helped make her stay in Carlisle fun-filled and rewarding.

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